Southern Cambridge: An Ingress Territories Map

I made an attempt at depicting the southern half of Cambridge, MA in a map showing territorial control in Ingress, pointing out areas well controlled by one faction, like Cambridgeport (an Enlightened stronghold) and West MIT (a Resistance stronghold), also highlighting fronts and battlegrounds where control frequently shifts and action is relatively fast.


Well, in my head it was a lot cooler than it turned out. Perhaps with symbols crafted with more nuance this could look more like a battle map.

List of Notable Games of

1. Short 8-Player FFA Games
2. Long Endgames
3. Artificially Long Endgames
4. Wins Involving Capturing All 7 Other Players in 8-Player FFA
5. Wins after Long AFKs (or otherwise Periods of No Movement)
6. Wins after Really Close Calls
7. Games with Late First Capture
8. Short 1v1s
9. Long 1v1s
10. Short 2v2s
11. Hilariously Bad Spawns

1. Short 8-Player FFA Games

90 turns, won by lambda_hat
98 turns, won by ThePainTrain
102 turns, won by TH
111 turns, won by aZ
112 turns, won by Dildo McTaint
115 turns, won by fakuku.
116 turns, won by sora
119 turns, won by Sapphire
119 turns, won by lambda_hat
120 turns, won by trump (also in Wins Involving Capturing All 7 Other Players)
123 turns, won by ūüźľThe Pandaūüźľ
123 turns, won by lambda_hat
125 turns, won by Plurmorant
131 turns, won by Plurmorant

109 turns, won by 0xGG against mostly bots

92 turns, won by ThePainTrain (though one opponent quit near capture)
101 turns, won by lambda_hat (though one opponent quit near capture)
116 turns, won by SNAKEBIRD V2 (though one opponent quit near capture)

2. Long Endgames

zmpeg vs. Gingah, turns 143 to 486 (also in Wins after Long AFKs)
hmm vs. george230 vs. The Tiger, turns 128 to 479
Anonymous vs. da Josh vs. Your Mother, turns 213 to 568 (also in Games of Incredible Luck)
thucydides vs. HeadPonchoNumUno, turns 206 to 603
aaaaaasadasd vs. uhoh, turns 311 to 715
Vermin Supreme vs. Anonymous, turns 135 to 559
mic49 vs. 0xGG, turns 199 to 671
ICTRAY vs. ikeboy, turns 346 to 832
gingah vs. sk, turns 181 to 704
CornHELL Univ vs. Sudo vs. Archonn, turns 373 to 919
pixiespirit vs. fabianmossberg, turns 270 to 881
A vs. qq45, turns 226 to 952
gino vs. james vs. vovanz, turns 173 to 924
PetePuma vs. poofytoo, turns 183 to 1023
noe vs. Wuped, turns 221 to 1123
Dawgington vs. mobil_test, turns 224 to 1127
śó•śú¨ŚčĘ vs. Moo, turns 224 to 1758

3. Artificially Long Endgames

708 turns
1056 turns
1070 turns
1802 turns
2621 turns (this game transcends artificially extended bizarreness quite a few ways)
2873 turns
3443 turns
5160 turns
5173 turns
11968 turns
38165 turns
43983 turns
84009 turns

4. Wins Involving Capturing All 7 Other Players in 8-Player FFA

Achieved by trump, in 120 turns (also in Short Games)
Achieved by ‚Ė¨‚Ė¨őĻ‚ēź‚ēź‚ēź‚ēź‚ēź‚ēź‚ēź‚ēźÔļ§, in 154 turns
Achieved by Scopitta, in 194 turns
Achieved by 0xGG, in 212 turns
Achieved by theunabletable, in 263 turns

Achieved by 0xGG, in 285 turns, though with three AFK players

Almost achieved by cheesee, last opponent quit on turn 163

5. Wins after Long AFKs (or otherwise Periods of No Movement)

Achieved by Poonslayer7, AFK turns 1 to 100
Achieved by ash, AFK turns 1 to 111 (keyboard unplugged)
Achieved by Chromebook Spoopy, AFK turns 1 to 112
Achieved by 0xGG, AFK turns 1 to 117 (browsing discord)
Achieved by Fen1kz, AFK turns 1 to 137 (browsing reddit)
Achieved by KingTrav2, AFK turns 1 to 169
Achieved by Twolkai, AFK turns 1 to 198
Achieved by fakuku., AFK turns 1 to 204
Achieved by 0xGG, AFK turns 112 to 334 (fire alarm)
Achieved by Gingah, AFK turns 180 to 410 (phone call) (also in Long Endgames)
Achieved by Turtleman, AFK turns 1 to 742

Not exactly AFK, but no expansion, by scott baio, turns 73 to 415

6. Wins after Really Close Calls

0xGG, in this game
AlphonseSantoro, in this game
Any Mouse, in this game
fakuku, in this game
Fen1kz, in this game
Scopitta, in this game
Stormhewer, in this game
Testing, in this game
Your Mother, in this game (also in Long Endgames)


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Pok√©mon Go: Stats Upon Level 36

This post is in the format of and an extension of my Level 35 stats post from last month. I originally intended to output the next stats sheet at Level 37, but decided to dial that back one level because of significant changes in the game that happened, and thus an opportunity to look at how my play reacted to the changes.

Around 1515 Eastern Time on 07.22, I caught a Chikorita to reach 7500042 XP, thus levelling up to Level 36. I immediately afterwards caught a Venonat and later also hatched a Slowpoke, so I am actually currently at 7500442 XP, but will not include the Venonat and Slowpoke in below stats, as I got them after I became Level 36.

I started playing Pokémon Go on August 26 last year. Using this baseline, this is when my level-ups occurred:

Day 87: Level 29
Day 92: Level 30
Day 102: Level 31
Day 138: Level 32
Day 181: Level 33
Day 235: Level 34
Day 298: Level 35
Day 330: Level 36

My buddy is currently a Tyranitar, which I have walked with for 601.1 km.

(Parentheticals in this section show change from last update. For comparison, the XP change from the previous update is +25.0%.)

Pokédex: 220 (+15)
Pokémon Caught: 16529 (+18.5%)
Evolutions: 2215 (+27.9%)
PokéStop Visits: 19903 (+18.4%)
Distance Walked: 1410.4 (+16.7%)
Eggs Hatched: 327 (+16.0%)
Gym Battles Won: 3265 (+75.6%)
Gym Trainings: 458 (+0.0%; no longer a feature)
Berries Fed at Gyms: 825 (new feature)
Hours Defended at Gyms: 471 (new feature)
Raids Won: 28 (new feature)

393 of my 394 Pok√©mon are fully healed. A Jolteon isn’t.

Strongest Pokémon
Gyarados (CP 2992)
Tyranitar (CP 2988)
Gyarados (CP 2978)
Vaporeon (CP 2901)
Vaporeon (CP 2788)
Rhydon (CP 2765)

(Strongest Pokémon at last update)
Gyarados (CP 2992)
Gyarados (CP 2955)
Vaporeon (CP 2901)
Vaporeon (CP 2788)
Vaporeon (CP 2650)
Golem (CP 2556)

Gym Data

Gyms with Most Victories:
The Alchemist: 583
Transparent Horizon: 248
Kresge Auditorium: 157
Cosmic Ray Chandeliers: 132
In Loving Memory of Dorothy P. Simmons: 92
Union Baptist Church: 30

Gyms with Most Hours Defended:
In Loving Memory of Dorothy P. Simmons: 100
Transparent Horizon: 68
Kresge Auditorium: 63
The Alchemist: 57
This is Where We Live Work Create Mural: 42
Vine Wall Art at No 6: 37

Gyms with Most Berries Fed:
The Alchemist: 259
Transparent Horizon: 174
In Loving Memory of Dorothy P. Simmons: 63
Officer Sean Collier Memorial and Plaque: 62
Cosmic Ray Chandeliers: 45
Vine Wall Art At No 6: 35

Most Represented Pokémon by Total CP


Pokémon Caught by Type
(Parentheticals in this section show change from last update. For comparison, the XP change from the previous update is +25.0%, and the Pokémon caught change from the previous update is +18.5%.)
Normal: 10551 (+17.6%)
Flying: 7803 (+21.7%)
Poison: 2994 (+16.0%)
Bug: 2727 (+18.7%)
Water: 2078 (+19.0%)
Psychic: 1434 (+31.7%)
Fire: 406 (+23.0%)
Ground: 388 (+13.8%)
Electric: 370 (+18.2%)
Dark: 345 (+59.0%)
Fairy: 322 (+23.8%)
Grass: 278 (+19.3%)
Ghost: 262 (+15.4%)
Rock: 210 (+9.4%)
Steel: 178 (+11.9%)
Ice: 125 (+28.9%)
Fighting: 73 (+35.2%)
Dragon: 21 (+23.5%)

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Pok√©mon Go: Stats Upon Level 35

This post is in the format of and an extension of my Level 33 stats post from four months ago.

Around 1615 Eastern Time on 06.20, I spun a PokéStop to reach 6000005 XP, thus levelling up to Level 35.

I started playing Pokémon Go on August 26 last year. Using this baseline, this is when my level-ups occurred:

Day 87: Level 29
Day 92: Level 30
Day 102: Level 31
Day 138: Level 32
Day 181: Level 33
Day 235: Level 34
Day 298: Level 35

My buddy is currently a Tyranitar, which I have walked with for 399.5 km.

My Pokémon are currently at 377/400.
My eggs are currently at 9/9.
My items are currently at 423/350, specifically:
17x Potion
16x Super Potion
12x Hyper Potion
44x Max Potion
45x Revive
31x Max Revive
12x Lucky Egg
2x Incense
66x Poké Ball
1x Great Ball
42x Ultra Ball
1x Lure Module
20x Nanab Berry
80x Pinap Berry
Egg Incubator ‚ąě
Egg Incubator
7x Sun Stone
7x King’s Rock
7x Metal Coat
3x Dragon Scale
5x Up-Grade

(Parentheticals in this section show change from last update. For comparison, the XP change from the previous update is +60.0%.)

Pokédex: 205 (+59)
Pokémon Caught: 13945 (+58.6%)
Evolutions: 1732 (+27.5%)
PokéStop Visits: 16815 (+45.0%)
Distance Walked: 1208.8 (+62.7%)
Eggs Hatched: 282 (+77.4%)
Gym Battles Won: 1859 (+42.5%)
Gym Trainings: 458 (+25.5%)

All 377 of my Pokémon are currently fully healed.

Strongest Pokémon:
Gyarados (CP 2992)
Gyarados (CP 2955)
Vaporeon (CP 2901)
Vaporeon (CP 2788)
Vaporeon (CP 2650)
Golem (CP 2556)

(Strongest Pokémon at last update)
Gyarados (CP 2945)
Vaporeon (CP 2766)
Vaporeon (CP 2650)
Flareon (CP 2499)
Snorlax (CP 2393)
Flareon (CP 2339)

Most Represented Pokémon by Total CP


Pokémon Caught by Type
(Parentheticals in this section show change from last update. For comparison, the XP change from the previous update is +60.0%, and the Pokémon caught change from the previous update is +58.6%.)
Normal: 8969 (+37.8%)
Flying: 6412 (+58.0%)
Poison: 2580 (+34.2%)
Bug: 2298 (+48.5%)
Water: 1746 (+94.9%)
Psychic: 1089 (+233.0%)
Ground: 341 (+122.0%)
Fire: 330 (+283.7%)
Electric: 313 (+85.2%)
Fairy: 260 (+65.6%)
Grass: 233 (+113.8%)
Ghost: 227 (+12.4%)
Dark: 217 (+1346.7%)
Rock: 192 (+291.8%)
Steel: 159 (+72.8%)
Ice: 97 (+125.6%)
Fighting: 54 (+42.1%)
Dragon: 17 (+30.8%)

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About a month ago, someone on the discord introduced me to At the time, I decided not to share it further because that would probably be very detrimental during finals season; now, though, at least MIT’s finals are over.

It’s quite a fun simple game; I’d recommend checking it out. During its early days, there was a noticeable rate of connection issues, but at least for me, things seemed to have gotten much better. Like, it is a browser-based comparatively-minimalist game with 8 players in the most common mode, so I could actually make a lot of my commentary of the game in comparison to I’m not going to go over how playing works here; if you go to the game and play a round it’s really quickly to asborb how the game works. It’s probably a coincidence that both games support 8 players per game; 8’s a nice round number to choose for player quantity. is arguably even more minimalist than; there’s just 24 orbs rather than a whole playing field, no orb has intrinsic attributes that make them different in capacity to other orbs (unlike’s mountain tiles and city tiles), and there’s just two power-ups a player has at disposal. It’s a really simple rule set, and yet the game still has interesting possibilities in strategy consideration (though probably not nearly as deep as in I really like this combination of two properties in a game.

Movement acuity probably matters more in, given that the Orbs actually move without player impulse. Neither nor is absolutely turn-based in nature or absolutely a dynamic game, but are somewhere in between, with being more towards the dynamic side.

One aspect I definitely appreciate better in is substantially greater fairness; players spawn in roughly evenly spaced orbs, and because the margin of interaction is rather finite, the original state has only that much variation in luck due to other players’ decisions. Free-for-all is quite plagued by the issue that most of the community agrees that happening to spawn in the center of the board is a massive disadvantage. Unlike, does not allow a supermajority of queueing players to decide to start a game with less than 8 players; fortunately, I have never found waiting for 8 players to be playing the game to take really long. (Which of course prompts the paranoid question: huh, are there planted bots?)

But the thing that I really like about is actually something not in the gameplay itself, but how maintains a copious public profile per player, in which all replays are publically accessible, which facilitates spectating for interest, learning for strategy, and easy outing of cheaters. Of course, does a truly exemplary job of this, so it’s quite a high bar for making comparison. also has a profile page:


, but it’s not public, and although results for each game are saved (the right column), just the results and some basic stats and not a replay is saved:


(This was my first game of It’s unclear to me whether saving a replay of an game may be substantially harder than saving a replay of a game. Supposedly, the trajectories of orbs are deterministic from certain starting values, so one would need to save those, starting locations, and times of shooting and deploying powerups (times of changing of ownership of orbs can be derived from this and trajectories).

Still, it’s quite an extensive profile, and I appreciate it. If I were to ask for something likely small to be added, it would be a set of all-time stats.

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A Season with LearnedLeague

I recently finished playing in my first (and probably only, the reason for which I’ll explain shortly later) season of LearnedLeague, an online trivia league. I’d say it was a fun experience, and that the ideas behind how competition in LearnedLeague works are generally good ideas.

Each round (of which there are 25 in a season, at least in the one I participated in) consists of a head-to-head match between two league players, that involves answering trivia questions (called “offense”), and assigning numbers of points each question is worth for your opponent (called “defense”), for which one is allowed to consult their history to know what one’s opponent tends to be good at.

And this gets to why I don’t think I’ll be back for another season. LearnedLeague has failed to deviate from a problem I find in most trivia competitions: an excessive favoring of generalists. Frankly, there are four categories of LearnedLeague trivia (Film, Lifestyle, Pop Music, and Television) than not only am I terrible at but also I honestly have less than zero interest in getting better at (really, four and half, given the Games/Sport category; it’s a really easy exercise for the reader to figure out which half of that I don’t care about). But there are categories of trivia I am definitely extremely interested in. Overall, my trivia knowledge is terribly category-polar, and this makes me ridiculously easy to defend against. As much as I like the assigning-points-for-opponent mechanic, the resulting effects of the such for highly non-generalist people like me make it something I’m not willing to give money for. A second factor lies in excessive references to alcoholic drinks, which many may know I find elevated discomfort in. There’s quite a few questions for which it looks like the writer specifically wanted to force an association with alcohol. Yes, it turns out unfortunately trivia is often associated with bars. *Sigh*.

Anyway, my category stats:


Below I’ll make some notes on specific items in some categories.

Some of these questions have images that are part of the item when you click ‘Click here’. I’m too lazy to copy those over, so I’ll leave it to your imagination what those items were.



MD15Q3 was the least-correctly-answered item in the entire season, with only 5% answering correctly.

MD06Q2 was a guess. They all looked like portraits. Might as well guess that they were of the self variety.



I only got MD13Q1 because of knowing where Qaanaaq is and knowing there’s a military base named Thule nearby, and thus just guessing “Thule” off of only this information, possibly the most distant answer derivation I’ve underwent this entire season. Does this count as love towards Sweden via proxy?

I entered “Hand of God” instead of “Invisible Hand” for MH08Q5. Oops.

Current Events


I’m fairly ashamed of having not been able to name the new UN Secretary-General. Apparently, neither could most of LearnedLeague, so shame on everyone else too.



MD12Q5: Booo Othello. I can’t believe the world accepted the game of Reversi getting a second name.

What is sportsball.



Apparently the most frequently incorrectly guessed answer to MD20Q2 was “Washington”. I guess that’s what “Bellevue” tipped people off to?

I was not actually sure of the answer to MD12Q6; I based my guess off of understanding the Central American isthmus as gradually less inhabitable as one moves south and east.

American History


I don’t really have many comments to make here.

World History


I really should’ve gotten MD24Q5, but didn’t answer “Peloponnesian League” because of the inclusion of Corinth, which I recalled as not-all-that-Peloponnesian, although maybe I should’ve still considered the isthmus Pelopennesian. I guessed “Dorian League”.

For MD15Q4, I knew where relatively chronologically the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was; I just couldn’t exactly remember where it was delimited and wasn’t exactly sure which monarchs came between Victoria and Edward $LARGE_NUM. I ended up deciding I had the best chances with guessing Victoria, which it turns out was too early.

For MD12Q3, I made the rather hilarious-in-retrospect mistake of calling the Ostrogoths the “Orthogoths”. Herpity derp.

MD07Q5 was the most-correctly-answered item in the entire season, with 88% answering correctly. Fortunately, I was in the 88% for this case.

I was wondering whether MD01Q2 wanted the real (legal) name of Kim Il-Sung, since that is not it, but ended up deciding they probably just want “Kim Il-Sung” for the purposes of the question. It turns out that was a good assumption.



I consider the FANBOYS question a bad question.

MD02Q4 was an item I really should’ve gotten, but I mind-blanked a bit much and put “al-“.



Maybe if I thought a little harder on MD18Q4 I would’ve gotten it.




MD08Q1 was the second-most-correctly-answered item in the entire season, with 87% answering correctly.

Classical Music


MD19Q4 was the second-least-correctly-answered item in the entire season, with only 14% answering correctly.

The Classical Music section consists of an excess of…I guess I’ll call it “applied” music and way not enough “pure” music, grump, grump. I’m saying “applied”, I guess because terms like “incidental” and “operatic” don’t actually capture the set I’m trying to describe.



I was actually quite surprised with how long it took me to recall what Newton’s Second Law was. It turned out my physical knowledge had progressed to a state where I only know if I’m supposed to know things. Fortunately, I did eventually remember the Law. I wonder if I would’ve forgotten it if I hadn’t taken an olympiad qualification test whose name is the equation of the Law.

Anyway, that’s all; ’twas a fun season. I’m going to stay around for some MiniLeagues, but then vanish from LearnedLeague. I did refer a friend to LearnedLeague, though, so maybe he will stay.

Pok√©mon Go: Most Represented Species by CP

I decided to add up the CPs of each individual for each species as a measure of how represented the species is in my set of Pokémon in Pokémon Go. The chart of the 27 most represented species is below.


The total CP of all Pokémon I have is about 353000, so Jolteon represents about 5% of all CP in my Pokémon. I was quite surprised to find out how close the CP shares of my top three species (Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Pidgeot) were.