You may have noticed that the rate of new blog posts here has dramatically slowed.

There’s a part of this that’s because I have a job now.

But the largest part of this is that I just am so much more unsure about whether I want to publish what I write than I used to.

I actually now have hundreds of unpublished barely started, half-finished, or almost-finished-but-I-really-just-don’t-like-how-it-turned-out drafts.

And I keep being unsatisfied with where I have ended up.

What’s particularly frustrating is that I frankly like most of my more recent ideas much more than things I actually considered publishable a few years ago; I just yet still think they’re not good enough. This someone is keeping me from, from my perspective, increasing the average quality of this blog.

But I’m going make myself publish this right now anyway, even though I don’t like this post either.