Pokémon Go: Stats at 35 Million XP

This August 11 (Day 715 of playing), I won a gym battle to reach 35 million XP.

Here’s a chart of XP versus time at level-ups starting with Level 29 and every 5 million XP after level cap.


My buddy at the moment was Chansey.

Gold Gyms

Day numbers in this section reflect days since the motivation-based gym system began.

#1: Alchemist at MIT, on Day 28

#2: Transparent Horizon, on Day 53
#3: Kresge Auditorium, on Day 54

#4: Vine Wall Art At No 6, on Day 82
#5: In Memory of Dorothy P. Simmons, on Day 94
#6: Cosmic Ray Chandeliers, on Day 102

#7: Community of Cambridge Super Awesome Mural!, on Day 137 [removed gym]

#8: Officer Sean Collier Memorial and Plaque, on Day 173
#9: DeWolfe Boathouse, on Day 190
#10: Martin Annis Crossing, on Day 191

#11: Smoot Plaques on Mass Ave Bridge, on Day 213
#12: Miracle of Science, on Day 227
#13: Fort Washington, on Day 241

#14: This is Where We Live Work Create Mural, Day 259
#15: Column of Faces, Day 265

#16: Jimmy Johnson Street Hockey Court, Day 288
#17: Not Art, Day 295
#18: The Apple Tree at MIT, Day 295

#19: Police Memorial, Day 342
#20: Putnam School, Day 351

#21: Danny Lewin Park, Day 387
#22: Cambridge Public Library – O’C, Day 387
#23: Flapper Mermaid, Day 388
#24: Dewey Library, Day 394
#25: Polygon Rope Gym, Day 398
#26: Vellucci Fountain at Cambridgeside Galleria, Day 399

Gym Stats

Here’s a table of my stats at my top gyms. The three columns from left to right are battles won, hours defended, and berries fed.

Orange highlighting indicates where hours defended alone is enough for a gold badge (≥500).
Magenta highlighting indicates where berries fed alone is enough for a gold badge (≥3000).
Tan highlighting indicates where hours defended and berries fed together are enough for a gold badge.


General Statistics




Catch Statistics

Here are my catch statistics for all non-legendary species for which there is no earlier evolution with an earlier Pokédex number. Apparently last time I did this I left out Machop, Bellsprout, and Lapras. My apologies to them; please don’t hurt me. They’re included this time.


Here’s my catch statistics for legendary Pokémon.

Mewtwo: 5/5=100.0%
Mew: 1/1=100.0%
Registeel: 1/1=100.0%

Moltres: 5/6≈83.3%

Articuno: 9/13≈69.2%
Zapdos: 10/15≈66.7%
Entei: 3/5=60.0%

Ho-Oh: 7/16≈43.8%
Kyogre: 9/21≈42.9%
Rayquaza: 10/24≈41.7%
Regice: 5/12≈41.7%
Raikou: 4/11≈36.4%
Latias: 1/3≈33.3%
Groudon: 3/10=10.0%

Latios: 2/11≈22.2%
Lugia: 3/16≈18.8%

Suicune: 0/5=0.0%

Here’s a table and chart over time for common species.




Here’s my strongest Pokémon by CP upon reaching 35 million XP.
Groudon (CP 3696)
Slaking (CP 3682)
Tyranitar (CP 3670)
Mewtwo (CP 3622)
Ho-Oh (CP 3613)
Tyranitar (CP 3612)

(Strongest Pokémon upon reaching 30 million XP)
Tyranitar (CP 3670)
Groudon (CP 3668)
Tyranitar (CP 3604)
Tyranitar (CP 3587)
Ho-Oh (CP 3585)
Rayquaza (CP 3582)

This time, like last time, I actually had quite a few Pokémon not at full health (or even fainted) when I reached this milestone, but this time, it was because I just finished a gym battle.

Bag Contents

Finally, how’s the state of my bag as I reach XP milestones?



Between reaching 30 million XP and reaching 35 million XP, I’ve peaked above 400 of each of Max Potions and Golden Razz Berries briefly.