Geographical Leaders in 8 Different Stats in Pokémon Go

This post consists of 16 charts, showing the top 12 countries and the top 12 cities in 8 Pokémon Go statistics: XP, Distance Walked, Pokémon Caught, Trainings, Battles Won, Berries Fed, Hours Defended, and Legendary Raids Won, as measured by the sum of the quantities of the top 25 players in the country or city, according to the last release of TL40 leaderboards. I used a convention that for a player whose statistic is “Not Disclosed”, I used the number for the next highest player that isn’t “Not Disclosed”, and if there isn’t such a next highest player with quantity disclosed, I used “0”.

Country Leaderboards









6 different countries—United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, appear on all 8 of these boards. The United States tops all 8, although it tops gym-dependent stats by a significantly greater margin than non-gym-dependent stats.

City Leaderboards









(Portland is Portland, Oregon. Eugene is Eugene, Oregon. Tucson is Tucson, Arizona. Austin is Austin, Texas. Kansas City is Kansas City, Missouri. Jacksonville is Jacksonville, Florida. Richmond is Richmond, Virginia. Victoria is Victoria, British Columbia.)

Starkly, whereas 6 different countries appear in all boards for these 8 stats, not a single city appears on all boards. Toronto, Portland, and Melbourne come close with appearing on 7. Singapore, Paris, Minneapolis, and Helsinki are just behind, appearing on 6.

Interestingly, 3 of these leaderboards top with Singapore followed by Toronto, and 2 of them top with Portland followed by Helsinki.

Also worth pointing out: Niantic’s choice of Chicago as the location of GoFest both years was the choice of a city that makes none of these 8 boards, unlike a dozen other American cities.


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