Jarring Lack of Theme

When one is giving creative names to a set of related entities, one tends to expect a theme. A theme in the names gives a sense of cohesion to the various parts of a unit.

Street names make a particularly good example of theme-naming. Check out, for instance, the clear naming themes going on in these two places.



Sometimes, however, a situation really looks like there should be a theme, and one can’t find one. In these cases, it’s easy to believe there’s just no theme intended or that there’s some theme one’s missing, but occasionally it just seems unsettling that a set of entities does not have a theme.

In particular, check out this set of streets, which really look like they want to have a theme, but for which of the six names in this street group, it doesn’t even seem like any pair of the six have something significant in common. It’s staggeringly unthemed.


Yes, this set of streets caused me to look up what ‘Alsion’ and ‘Nandina’ are. It turns out the former is the name of a campus of the University of Southern Denmark and the latter is the genus name of an evergreen shrub. The former is particularly fascinating; I tried to search for a more significant entity ‘Alsion’ refers to and could not find one: in fact, Wikipedia-searching ‘Alsion’ redirects to the corresponding Wikipedia article above. Before searching, my guess was going to be that it was an alternative spelling of ‘Halcyon’.

But actually, though, did whoever named these six streets actively attempt to make all their names unrelated? Because this is quite impressive, a noticeably jarring lack of cohesion. Maybe this set of names is just there to be questioned, or to dare to be copied as a set to perpetuate a joke, getting retroactively justified.


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