A Little Breakthrough

This past March was zyxyvy’s best month in views up to date.


It also was one of the best months over at wywing, though in that case, the blog is still rather starved for views.


(In any case, thanks Lewis!)

One of the slow changes that have been occurring in the viewership of this blog is that it’s gradually getting more and more international.



Although this past month was the best month in total views, in American views, it still did not reach the level in June five years ago, or even actually place second. Contrariwise, it was substantially a new record in international views.


This past February, a record 100 different (WordPress-recognized) countries visited zyxyvy, but this month the number of countries with at least 32 views finally broke a persistent limit of 8 that was first reached three years ago.

I think this change is pleasing. I’m glad my blog is reaching a larger audience outside the US. This past month, this blog received its first view from French Guiana, completing the South American map, and its first view from Syria, leaving Turkmenistan, North Korea, and Timor-Leste as the only remaining Asian countries where no one has found their way over. Although one of these holes will clearly not be filled in the foreseeable future, I look forward to a 1-off-complete Asian map.


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