Did playing Pokémon Go cause me to memorize the Pokémon type chart?

Pokémon Go has been my first Pokémon game, one in which I wasn’t just watching others play. Today I realized Pokémon Go has caused me to actually seriously absorb and remember type effectivenesses in Pokémon, so I decided to set off to test myself to see how well I could produce the Pokémon type chart from memory.


I made 13 errors among the 18²=324 cells of the chart. You can also notice:

  1. my failure to properly count to 18 when making horizontal rows, and
  2. my subsequent attempt to replicate the order of the types in canonical order, at one point jumping to the end and moving backwards, and eventually resolving the confusion about the extra row.

I got both the row and the column completely correct for Normal, Fighting, Fire, Water, Ice, and Dragon. I made errors in both the row and the column for Bug, Ghost, and Psychic.


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