dzaefn No Longer

Long story short: I no longer wish to go by dzaefn. You can call me by my real name, or other options listed three paragraphs below. I’m going to try to stop referring to myself by this, and I’d like for you to stop referring to me as such as well. I don’t intend to abandon this name as much as possible, just to ease it out, let it stay where it is not easily changed, and just indicate when appropriate that I prefer other names.

There have definitely been people that I’ve expressly told that I am dzaefn, particularly at times in my life that I just didn’t like that my real name was what it happened to be. (Some of these people even concluded that was actually my real name. Oops.) In any case, both from this and from other effects, a lot of people, maybe you, primarily refer to me by the name ‘dzaefn’. I’m sorry to tell you that I just do not wish to be called this name anymore, and I apologize for inconveniences in mental nomenclature reassignments.

Why has ‘dzaefn’ fallen out of my favor? Honestly, I’ve just gotten to a point where I feel the things with what it stands for and the z-replacing-s got too silly. It derived from a previous username that I used, ‘d684n’ (which, in fact, I first used when making this here very blog, 6.5 years ago), which stood for ‘dotted sixth and eight-fourth-th note’ (an expansion of ‘dotted eighth note’), in which I replaced the s with a z because I thought the string ‘dsa’ looked too qwertylike. I’m serious, this is the origin of this username. I’ve had at least a few really confused faces and at least someone ask me if I was trolling (trust me, I’m not nearly that good at trolling) among the various times I’ve explained this username. Eventually, after changing what it stood for a few times, I decided it really doesn’t stand for anything at all. And eventually (read: now) I decided if I’ve gotten to this point I should really just discard this. It really wasn’t a put-together-that-well name, and it didn’t become better. I don’t feel any remote sense of juiciness about the name anymore.

So what should you call me? Several options. My full first name is fine. Unlike the times in which I’ve told people to call me dzaefn, I’ve come to better terms with my own name. In case you’re not sure what my full first name is, it has six letters. More online, there’s at least three usernames over the past year I’ve gotten convinced I plan to keep as monikers permanently (which is honestly the first time in my entire life I’ve actually felt so): 004413 (my main username these days), 0xGG (the username I use in gaming), and xer0a (pronounced hay-ru-ah, [‘heɪɹuɑ]), the last of which you might have noticed is my username on WordPress now. If you don’t like that these names take more than a syllable to pronounce, the second half of my full first name is a fine shortening.

There will be several places where I’ll just let the fact that my username is dzaefn carry on. It turns out that my starting to use ‘dzaefn’ falls quite near my coming to MIT, and my current decision falls very near the end of my formal times at MIT, so it just makes sense and is convenient to have it associate with my MIT presence: I’ll still use it for logistical MIT business, and I’ll retain the /u/dzaefn account for posting to /r/mit, and I’ll just remind people that it only happens to be my username, and that I don’t wish to be referred to as such any longer.

That’s all. Happy birthday to Satyendra Bose today, and Isaac Asimov tomorrow.

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