Slamming Donald Trump

What do you criticize, joke about, or insult Donald Trump for? Is it one of these things…

List A

  • Funding a costly, useless, and inflammatory border wall
  • Creating a fraudulent university
  • Bragging about sexual assault
  • Withdrawing from the Paris climate deal
  • Incredibly high frequency of lying
  • Bragging that he could shoot someone and still not lose voters
  • (this list goes on)

…or is it one of these things…

List B

  • His hair
  • Being ‘orange’
  • His voice
  • Being fat
  • ‘Small hands’


If you take from List A, cool. If you on occasion take from List B, okay, people sometimes feel a need to make memetic references.

But if you sincerely consider yourself someone against Trump, and reference items in List B more than items in List A in your jokes and your slams, maybe you should take a moment and reflect on what it is about Trump that you are intending to fight against.

If you sincerely believe items in List B are more prominent disqualifiers than items in List A for Trump being in a position of power, than even though you’re against Trump and I’m against Trump, I’m very definitely not with you. In fact, I think I’m against what you stand for.

If you don’t sincerely believe so and believe List A has the important stuff, but you’re invoking List B’s items with greater frequency anyway, congratulations, it seems you and I agree there’s a nearly endless list of disturbingly problematic characteristics of Donald Trump you could pick on, and you decided that rather than anything in that list, you’d rather go for the low-hanging fruit of List B. In particular, you’re promoting the judging of people by their physical characteristics, rather than their actions, so you’re probably even exhibiting what you’re nominally fighting.

But everyone should reflect on why society has molded List B to indeed be the low-hanging fruit, the items that evoke the largest laughter or applause in the room. Think about how quickly people react or resort to the physical level, and that, in the supposedly mostly liberal circles in which anti-Trump is the normal, attacks on the physique stay. Maybe one should consider whether resorting to the such is naturally human, and whether one should really be dismissing judging on physical appearance as inhuman rather than a fault of humans to work against. And if one can have leeway for people making List B remarks on the left side, then one ought to consider possible exceptional natures of corresponding remarks on the right side.

And if you’re the type of person who watches liberal late-night comedy that’s saturated with List B insults, and pat yourself and your friends on the back for being the morally righteous ones, check what you pat yourself with.

Oh, and if what you make fun of is receiving golden showers in Russian hotels:

  1. So what’s your position on kink shaming?
  2. I hope you don’t complain about conspiracy theories. You’re invoking the literally unfounded, the sort of surmising that brings us delicacies like Pizzagate.

500 Facts

Huh, a video of 500 facts.

Let’s see how many I’ve previously known.

1. No.
2. No.
3. No.  Who is John Cleese?
4. No.
5. No.
6. Yes.
7. No.
8. No.
9. No.
10. No.
11. Yes.
12. No.
13. No.
14. No.
15. No.
16. No.
17. No.
18. No. What is PEZ?
19. No.
20. No.
21. No.
22. No.
23. No.
24. No.
25. No.
26. No.
27. No. Who is Neil Diamond?
28. No.
29. No. Oh, that’s who Zachary Quinto is.
30. No.
31. No.
32. No.
33. No.
34. No.
35. No. Who is Orson Wel…oh.
36. No. And of course, fuck sportsball.
37. No.
38. No. And didn’t know who Deion Sanders was.
39. Yes.
40. No.
41. No.
42. Yes.
43. No. And who is Jack Benny?
44. Yes.
45. No. And I think I’m just going to stop pointing out people I haven’t even heard of.
46. No.
47. No.
48. Yes.
49. Yes.
50. No.
51. No.
52. No.
53. No.
54. No.
55. No.
56. No.
57. No.
58. No.
59. No.
60. Yes.
61. No.
62. No.
63. No.
64. No.
65. No.
66. No.
67. No.
68. No.
69. No.
70. Yes.
71. Yes.
72. Yes.
73. No.
74. Yes.
75. No.
76. No.
77. No. I actually thought the number would be substantially larger.
78. Yes.
79. No.
80. No.
81. Yes.
82. Yes. In fact it’s on
83. No.
84. No.
85. No.
86. No.
87. No.
88. No.
89. No.
90. No.
91. No.
92. No.
93. No.
94. No.
95. No.
96. No.
97. No.
98. No.
99. No.
100. No.

Actually, fuck it, I’m bored. Let’s settle with just 15.


I liked to sit on a radiator unit in the W20-575 cluster when battling The Alchemist gym in Pokémon Go. A few times ago, someone who was working on one of the computers told me they wish I could move, because my sitting on the radiator seems to cause it to make substantially louder noises, and that was distracting to him. So I went and sat on a different radiator unit that didn’t react as such.

Since then, I’ve noticed each time I sat on that particular radiator unit that it does in fact react to my sitting with louder noises each time. And even if there wasn’t someone that told me the noises bothered them, I moved. Somehow, despite the elevated noises never bothering me before someone told me (I don’t remember the noises back then, but I’m pretty sure it’s not that the radiator just happened to start consistently becoming noisier upon my sitting the one time someone happened to be bothered by it), I definitely couldn’t help but notice them afterwards, and feel that I should do something to fix the problem, even if no one complained.

Rethinking the situation, I’m actually not sure if why I consistently move afterwards is because the noise newly bothers me or if I feel the need to in-advance cater to a particular type of people who would be bothered by the noises. They both feel like they could be reasons I did the such, but one could easily get faint feelings of afterwards-justifications for actions, and I feel these might fall into this category.

Not Yet Conspiracy Theories

Saddened by how the world has become that densely packed with unhinged conspiracy theorists? Relax! Check out this list of topics that, in quotes, yield zero Google results, at least before this post was written.

“51 pegasi b conspiracy theory”
“aegean sea conspiracy theory”
“ conspiracy theory”
“alphago conspiracy theory”
“aquafresh conspiracy theory”
“coq au vin conspiracy theory”
“dugong conspiracy theory”
“estonia conspiracy theory”
“franklin pierce conspiracy theory”
“genghis khan conspiracy theory”
“ingress conspiracy theory”
“inventati conspiracy theory”
“john q public conspiracy theory”
“kaliningrad conspiracy theory”
“kyoto protocol conspiracy theory”
“leeroy jenkins conspiracy theory”
“mandelbrot set conspiracy theory”
“mcafee conspiracy theory”
“methionine conspiracy theory”
“nazca plate conspiracy theory”
“oboe conspiracy theory”
“proxima centauri conspiracy theory”
“rho conspiracy theory”
“rot13 conspiracy theory”
“rm -rf / conspiracy theory”
“somaliland conspiracy theory”
“stata center conspiracy theory”
“stewart’s theorem conspiracy theory”
“sun landing conspiracy theory”
“time tesseract conspiracy theory”
“tristan da cunha conspiracy theory”
“windows 95 conspiracy theory”
“xmonad conspiracy theory”
“ylvis conspiracy theory”
“zinc conspiracy theory”

on the other hand

Six Months (Actually) on reddit

This past June 04, I finally started using reddit.

That’s not true. I’ve lurked on reddit (I think I’ll use the lowercase form since that’s what the site uses; I also like it this way) for definitely at least a couple years before that, but this wasn’t even “regularly-checking” lurking; I just checked reddit when I got really bored or otherwise was reminded of something being on reddit. Okay, so this past June 04 was the first time I started posting on reddit.

That’s not true either. This reddit account I’m currently speaking of wasn’t my first reddit account; I made one five months earlier than I made this one, which I used exclusively to post on subreddits relating to various games, at first just In fact, come to think about it, really gets credit for being what caused me to actually start posting to reddit. It’s really weird what major discussion-facilitating sites there are that I start using because of games: reddit due to, Twitter due to minesweeper. (Of course, my start with reddit from went far, far smoother than my start with Twitter from minesweeper went, as many of you know.)

But in any case, I specifically did not wander off gaming-related subreddits with that account, and before this account, I really didn’t browse reddit much. This past June 04, I actually started using reddit, in the sense of freely wandering the site.

The following are my thoughts from these first six months.

I. Thoughts on the General reddit Community

I’m just going to start with saying that reddit has by far the most civil comments section that I’ve seen of an online community.

There will, as is really necessary online, occasionally be someone quite terribly grating and hyperbolically antagonistic, but even in these cases they usually seem like they’re sincerely representing their anger rather than just throwing clearly frivolous flames.

I have been rather surprised by how eerily normal my opinions often are in the reddit community. As someone who day-to-day notices my viewpoints and thoughts way off-sync to that of most people, I have to wonder how it manages to not seem so way off in what is clearly a pretty large mass of people. I absolutely would not have expected, for instance, that my opinions of the significance of Japanese war crimes of World War II was something that earned me net upvotes. Time and time again, I wish to speak my mind on something that I would have thought was a very disliked opinion, but find it’s a sentiment towards which reddit at large approves. Where are these people in real life?

In either case, I really like being able to see at what karma an opinion comment ends up to have some sort of a gauge as to how it fares and how accepted it is in some large group of people, even if it may not be the best approximation for the real life scenario.

A further interesting twist on this: I have, several times, made a comment that got greatly downvoted over the daytime (say, to below -10), and then massively upvoted over the nighttime (say, to above 20). It seems I’m significantly more in agreement with people who reddit (or at least visit the relevant subreddits) between 0200 and 0800 Eastern time. Now I have to wonder whether these are people in America redditing late-night or people elsewhere in the globe redditing during the day.

I really like the bot culture on reddit. I kept a list of reddit accounts I really like the existence of, and many on the list are bots. The bots deployed on reddit span a really great deal of usefulness and a spectrum of flavors of bot humor.

I saw a thread a while back (unfortunately I don’t remember which thread it was) where reddit administrators were openly having a conflict with each other; I can see why some may consider this to look unprofessional, but I really like this. I see it as a willingness to be frank about what internal conversations can be like. I interpret it as a refusal to sugarcoat a situation as nicer than it is and owning up to the fact that sometimes discussions don’t go well. It inspires confidence in an honest presentation and an open nature to a site.

Overall, there are lots of aspects I really appreciate about reddit. I’ll touch a bit on the flipside, though.

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