Things People are Often Surprised I Don’t Like or Participate in

This is just a (not particularly ordered) listing of a bunch of things that people are often shocked I don’t actually like, or often assume wrongly that I must be a fan of.

1. Boba/Bubble Tea

This is something I never understood. Sure, when the tea is mixed with soymilk (and not milk, because I would be allergic to that), the result is often tasty. But adding those bubbles (or “pearls”) makes the result that much less delectable. I find them to not taste good, and only end up being a pain to deal with. They cause you to need those special straws to drink. And drinking through those special straws is uncomfortable. It’s losing on several grounds to me.

2. Pizza

I’m allergic to milk. Done.

When you tell someone unsure about what food to order for a group of people that “you can never go wrong with pizza” or “everybody likes pizza”, congrats, you have helped to continue perpetuate the difficulty of social inclusion of those allergic to milk.

3. Hamilton

Oh, I’m perfectly fine with the person. The musical, though, I don’t really like it. There are portions of it that I find worthy: the King George scenes are just delicious for humor content. But overall…no, I just don’t find it as particularly good as everyone seems to.

4. Drinking

I don’t drink. I find alcohol repulsive. I find the smell of alcohol repulsive. I find people’s behavior when they’re drunk repulsive. I find alcohol culture repulsive. There’s really nothing I like about alcohol. Fuck alcohol.

Except when we’re talking about alcohol in the chemical sense, of course. Alcohols get fairly interesting.

5. Anime

I watch zero anime. None. Zip.

6. Board Games

I managed to tell myself I liked board games for a really long time. It took me quite a while to realize I played them only because most my friends did and I wanted to be socially interactive.

I have been intending to write up a blog post about the underlying principles that seem to govern how I view games’ enjoyability. I think I have been able to fairly well figure what the design principles were that, for instance, Settlers of Catan violated flagrantly enough for me to find it almost comically unenjoyable. There’s also several other board games a lot in my circles seem to like that I dislike, like Dominion.

There are actually board games that I like. I still enjoy Revolution, for instance. Despite generally not liking games involving the skill of deception, I do also enjoy Avalon to some extent. Whether that counts as a board game is questionable.

7. Classical Classical Music

Yes, I really like classical music, as an average over the umbrella term. But more specifically, among the eras of classical music, my favorite is that of the romantic era (with some extension into early modern music). My favorite works are by Schubert, Mendelssohn, Liszt, Chopin, Tchaikowsky, Dvorak, as well as the later works of Beethoven and the earlier works of Prokofiev. I also like Bach, but the actual Viennese Classical period produced my least favorite parts of classical music. I particularly dislike Mozart. One of my most memorable exchanges with a piano instructor:

Me: “I just don’t like Mozart.”
Instructor: “How could you not like Mozart? I think you just haven’t listened to enough Mozart.”
Me: “Actually, there is a Mozart piece I do like, the D Minor Piano Concerto.”
Instructor: “That’s the least Mozart piece he wrote!”

I think he never got over the fact that I just so generally disliked Mozart.

I’m not a fan of Handel’s music either.

8. Metal Metal Music

I should probably mention this as well if I mention the above. There exists metal music I very intensely like. But what’s often considered the “hardest” metal music is far too “hard” for my musical tastes. The probably best short descriptor of the sort of metal I like is “symphonic metal”, but this still falls short of very well representing the little enclave of metal that is my sweet spot. It’s really best described just by listing a few bands: Nightwish, Dragonland, Amaranthe, Dragonforce, Rhapsody.

9. Pictures of Supposedly “Cute” Animals

Are they ravens, manatees, whales, dragons, or unicorns? Okay, I’m actually interested then.


This day, October 12, is a day on which multiple countries feel the need to celebrate a genocidal sociopath from Europe for the discovery of a land he didn’t discover, and in the US, for being a pioneering figure for a land he never reached. Celebrating Christopher Columbus is wrong on so many different levels, it is about as wrong as it gets. It is a speck of particularly repugnant tradition that only some places, like Berkeley, California, the first city to do so, have decided to do away with.

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day. May America someday be a place truly supportive of the land’s original people.

Answers to the MIT Campus Scavenger Hunt

This post contains the answers to the MIT scavenger hunt I posted 40 months ago, excepting items in the 16 advanced item expansion known as the “Navigator’s Quest”.

I decided to end this due to changes that have occurred to MIT’s campus, the rate of which has been much speedier than I could have imagined 40 months ago. Buildings have been demolished, buildings have been built, buildings have been renovated, stuff has moved around, and permissions to various locations have changed such that original foundational ideas of the hunt could no longer hold. The Picture Scavenger Hunt, on the other hand, I still plan to run indefinitely, and it now has an established mechanism for pictures that become outdated.

In any case, congratulations to jakobw for the most items found during the duration this hunt was up.

As for the answers, long story short:


I decided to not chart locations that are answers to 39 here on a post on the internet. Ask me in real life for an answer to 39.

There are of course probably many more locations that several of these items can be found at than plotted in the map above.


For item 1, solidly shaded buildings have the floor numbered 0 aligned with the ground. I also accepted buildings just outlined in the map above, though, as those are cases where ground is between floors numbered 0 and 1, but the floor numbered 0 is closer to the ground level than the floor numbered 1.

For item 8, Senior House was my original intended item. When I was designing the hunt, I momentarily forgot about graduate dorms when writing this item. I was later informed that at least Edgerton House among the graduate dorms have both A/C and elevators. Eventually, Senior House closed, but Edgerton House does still remain, so this item had an answer through the end of this hunt, despite this not being true of the set I was originally thinking of.

I parenthesized the Building 8 answer for item 9, even though I accepted it, because Building 1 is a case where the building is the fairly indisputable central home of a course, whereas Course 8 has substantial portions outside Building 8.

For item 20, there’s many tiny buildings that satisfy the item that I did not bother to mark on the map above. Probably my favorite case of this is Building W55, whose bottom doesn’t even touch the ground. (I was actually fairly sad they did not number its singular floor 2, so that MIT could have the amusing feature of containing a building whose lowest floor is numbered 2.) Of course, Building W55 hadn’t been built yet when I published this hunt. Building 34’s lowest floor is in fact 1 because what lies underneath it is actually not grouped with 34. This is in fact the reason for one of the answers to item 33.

Item 21: the Pharos color printer is in W20-575. This is a quite useful thing to know as an MIT student. When I wrote this hunt, though, the Pharos color printer was in 12-182, a room that no longer exists.

Item 24: the elevator services floors 4, 5, and 6. Without additional permissions, though, travel is restricted to oscillating between 4 and 6.

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Pokémon Go: Stats Upon Level 38

This post is roughly in the format of and an extension of my Level 36 stats post from three months ago. This time, however, I’m including a few more charts.

At 2002 Eastern Time on 10.03, I caught a Rattata to reach 12000138 XP, thus leveling up to Level 38.

I started playing Pokémon Go on August 26 last year. Using this baseline, this is when my level-ups occurred:

Day 87: Level 29
Day 92: Level 30
Day 102: Level 31
Day 138: Level 32
Day 181: Level 33
Day 235: Level 34
Day 298: Level 35
Day 330: Level 36
Day 351: Level 37
Day 403: Level 38

My buddy is currently an Ampharos, which I have walked with for 41.9 km (and who was a Mareep when I started walking with it). I also walked with a Togepi for 111.0 km before this, and after I stopped walking with my prior Tyranitar, who I walked with for a total of 942.1 km.

(Parentheticals in this section show change from last update, at the Level 36 level-up. For comparison, the XP change from the previous update is +60.0%, and the increase in time under the new gym system since last update is +328.1%.)
[Bracketed quantities are amounts upon Level 37 level-up.]

Pokédex: 234 (+14) [225]
Pokémon Caught: 23612 (+42.9%) [18700]
Evolutions: 3274 (+47.8%) [2751]
PokéStop Visits: 27994 (+40.7%) [22233]
Distance Walked: 1904.3 (+35.0%) [1557.3]
Eggs Hatched: 444 (+35.8%) [377]
Gym Battles Won: 6949 (+112.8%) [4216]
Gym Trainings: 458 (+0.0%; no longer a feature) [458]
Berries Fed at Gyms: 4612 (+459.0%) [1639]
Hours Defended at Gyms: 3679 (+681.1%) [1202]
Raids Won: 64 (+128.6%) [35]

553 of my 555 Pokémon are fully healed. A Snorlax and a Tyranitar are currently fainted.

Strongest Pokémon

Tyranitar (CP 3591)
Snorlax (CP 3073)
Vaporeon (CP 3057)
Gyarados (CP 3041)
Gyarados (CP 3025)
Gyarados (CP 3016)

(Strongest Pokémon at Level 37)
Tyranitar (CP 3513)
Gyarados (CP 3016)
Gyarados (CP 3001)
Snorlax (CP 2980)
Vaporeon (CP 2945)
Vaporeon (CP 2788)

(Strongest Pokémon at last update, Level 36)
Gyarados (CP 2992)
Gyarados (CP 2955)
Vaporeon (CP 2901)
Vaporeon (CP 2788)
Vaporeon (CP 2650)
Golem (CP 2556)

Gym Data

Gyms with Most Victories:
Alchemist at MIT: 1282
Transparent Horizon: 690
Kresge Auditorium: 668
Cosmic Ray Chandeliers: 385
In Loving Memory of Dorothy P. Simmons: 335
Vine Wall Art At No 6: 277

Gyms with Most Hours Defended:
Kresge Auditorium: 677
Vine Wall Art At No 6: 610
Alchemist at MIT: 454
In Loving Memory of Dorothy P. Simmons: 233
Cosmic Ray Chandeliers: 198
This is Where We Live Work Create Mural: 193

Gyms with Most Berries Fed:
Alchemist at MIT: 1090
Kresge Auditorium: 770
Vine Wall Art At No 6: 517
Transparent Horizon: 443
Cosmic Ray Chandeliers: 253
Community of Cambridge Super Awesome Mural!: 220

Since the new gym system arrived 105 days, or 2520 hours, ago, I have been defending Kresge Auditorium 26.9% of the time and Vine Wall Art At No 6 24.2% of the time since the new gym system started. Also, since I’ve defended gyms for a total of 3679 hours, I was defending 1.46 gyms on average over this period of time.

Gold Gym Badges
(Day numbers are numbered from start of new gym system.)
Alchemist at MIT: acquired on Day 28
Transparent Horizon: acquired on Day 53
Kresge Auditorium: acquired on Day 54
Vine Wall Art At No 6: acquired on Day 82
In Loving Memory of Dorothy P. Simmons: acquired on Day 94
Cosmic Ray Chandeliers: acquired on Day 102

Offense vs. Defense in Gyms


Most Represented Pokémon by Total CP


Pokémon Caught by Type
(Parentheticals in this section show change from last update, at the Level 36 level-up. For comparison, the XP change from the previous update is +60.0%, and the Pokémon caught change from the previous update is +42.9%.)
[Bracketed quantities are amounts upon Level 37 level-up.]
Normal: 14706 (+39.4%) [11932]
Flying: 11653 (+49.3%) [9135]
Bug: 3969 (+45.5%) [3138]
Poison: 3958 (+32.2%) [3328]
Water: 3059 (+47.2%) [2387]
Psychic: 2342 (+63.3%) [1782]
Dark: 710 (+105.8%) [434]
Ground: 554 (+42.8%) [451]
Electric: 550 (+48.6%) [451]
Fairy: 537 (+66.8%) [402]
Fire: 461 (+13.5%) [423]
Grass: 387 (+39.2%) [319]
Ghost: 333 (+27.1%) [282]
Steel: 282 (+58.4%) [221]
Rock: 260 (+23.8%) [225]
Ice: 171 (+36.8%) [152]
Fighting: 106 (+45.2%) [87]
Dragon: 26 (+23.8%) [22]

First-Evolution Pokémon Caught and Seen, by Species, Sorted by Rate of Catching
(Parentheticals in this section show change in rate of catching.)
(Gen. I Pokémon that are evolutions of Gen. II babies are included as separate statistics.)
Ditto: 154/154=100.0% (=)
Voltorb: 69/69=100.0% (=)
Remoraid: 63/63=100.0% (=)
Misdreavus: 49/49=100.0% (=)
Yanma: 19/19=100.0% (=)
Sneasel: 15/15=100.0% (=)
Smoochum: 12/12=100.0% (=)
Gligar: 11/11=100.0% (=)
Mantine: 11/11=100.0% (=)
Grimer: 9/9=100.0% (=)
Teddiursa: 9/9=100.0% (=)
Pineco: 8/8=100.0% (=)
Lickitung: 7/7=100.0% (=)
Mareep: 6/6=100.0% (=)
Tyrogue: 6/6=100.0% (=)
Hitmonlee: 4/4=100.0% (=)
Chansey: 4/4=100.0% (=)
Togepi: 4/4=100.0% (=)
Shuckle: 4/4=100.0% (=)
Stantler: 4/4=100.0% (=)
Magby: 4/4=100.0% (=)
Larvitar: 4/4=100.0% (=)
Pichu: 3/3=100.0% (=)
Igglybuff: 2/2=100.0% (=)
Miltank: 2/2=100.0% (=)
Elekid: 1/1=100.0% (=)
Machop: 65/66≈98.5% (+0.8%)
Slowpoke: 143/147≈97.3% (-0.8%)
Houndour: 31/32≈96.9% (+0.2%)
Magmar: 30/31≈96.8% (+0.6%)
Magikarp: 331/343≈96.5% (+0.6%)
Marill: 181/188≈96.3% (+0.1%)
Horsea: 179/186≈96.2% (+0.1%)
Koffing: 50/52≈96.2% (-1.6%)
Chinchou: 92/96≈95.8% (-0.4%)
Shellder: 269/281≈95.7% (=)
Exeggcute: 65/68≈95.6% (-0.8%)
Psyduck: 189/198≈95.4% (+1.2%)
Sandshrew: 20/21≈95.2% (+0.2%)
Dratini: 20/21≈95.2% (+1.1%)
Jigglypuff: 199/209≈95.2% (+0.7%)
Oddish: 59/62≈95.2% (-0.8%)
Eevee: 343/361≈95.0% (+0.6%)
Nidoran♀: 75/79≈94.9% (+0.8%)
Wooper: 147/155≈94.8% (+1.5%)
Nidoran♂: 91/96≈94.8% (+1.4%)
Seel: 71/75≈94.7% (-0.4%)
Magnemite: 244/259≈94.2% (-0.5%)
Omanyte: 32/34≈94.1% (+0.3%)
Rhyhorn: 47/50=94.0% (-1.3%)
Ledyba: 602/641≈93.9% (+0.6%)
Scyther: 43/46≈93.5% (-0.6%)
Venonat: 370/396≈93.4% (+0.7%)
Snubbull: 57/61≈93.4% (-3.6%)
Doduo: 14/15≈93.3% (+0.4%)
Totodile: 14/15≈93.3% (-6.7%)
Hoothoot: 757/812≈93.2% (-0.4%)
Drowzee: 205/220≈93.2% (+0.6%)
Poliwag: 190/204≈93.1% (+1.6%)
Growlithe: 81/87≈93.1% (-2.9%)
Spinarak: 774/834≈92.8% (+0.7%)
Cubone: 88/95≈92.6% (-0.9%)
Dunsparce: 12/13≈92.3% (-7.7%)
Geodude: 103/112≈92.0% (-1.5%)
Ponyta: 81/88≈92.0% (-0.4%)
Staryu: 203/221≈91.9% (+1.8%)
Natu: 1575/1716≈91.8% (+0.1%)
Bellsprout: 55/60≈91.7% (-1.5%)
Porygon: 11/12≈91.7% (+2.8%)
Sentret: 1359/1484≈91.6% (+1.1%)
Krabby: 313/342≈91.5% (+1.6%)
Diglett: 21/23≈91.3% (-2.5%)
Aipom: 95/104≈91.3% (+2.2%)
Meowth: 188/206≈91.3% (+0.2%)
Slugma: 31/34≈91.2% (-1.7%)
Zubat: 278/305≈91.1% (+1.0%)
Spearow: 1868/2062≈90.6% (+1.3%)
Goldeen: 182/201≈90.5% (+3.2%)
Electabuzz: 19/21≈90.5% (+1.0%)
Jynx: 64/71≈90.1% (+0.6%)
Wobbuffet: 9/10=90.0% (new)
Pidgey: 3923/4364≈89.9% (+1.6%)
Clefairy: 44/49≈89.8% (+0.3%)
Kabuto: 34/38≈89.5% (-2.2%)
Mankey: 17/19≈89.5% (+2.0%)
Rattata: 3346/3750≈89.2% (+1.1%)
Hoppip: 24/27≈88.9% (-1.1%)
Tangela: 8/9≈88.9% (+13.9%)
Girafarig: 8/9≈88.9% (+1.4%)
Phanpy: 8/9≈88.9% (+3.2%)
Ekans: 31/35≈88.6% (-1.4%)
Weedle: 1212/1383≈87.6% (+1.0%)
Caterpie: 209/239≈87.4% (+0.9%)
Pikachu: 62/71≈87.3% (+3.7%)
Charmander: 55/63≈87.3% (+0.6%)
Vulpix: 61/70≈87.1% (=)
Squirtle: 79/91≈86.8% (+2.2%)
Swinub: 44/51≈86.3% (+3.4%)
Gastly: 249/289≈86.2% (+0.4%)
Chikorita: 25/29≈86.2% (-1.3%)
Tentacool: 80/93≈86.0% (+1.9%)
Skarmory: 12/14≈85.7% (+25.7%)
Cyndaquil: 50/59≈84.7% (+4.7%)
Abra: 53/63≈84.1% (+0.4%)
Murkrow: 661/788≈83.9% (+0.6%)
Cleffa: 5/6≈83.3% (+8.3%)
Sudowoodo: 5/6≈83.3% (+8.3%)
Sunkern: 24/29≈82.8% (-8.5%)
Qwilfish: 9/11≈81.8% (-5.7%)
Paras: 51/63≈81.0% (+2.1%)
Tauros: 69/86≈80.2% (=)
Lapras: 3/4=75.0% (+8.3%)
Bulbasaur: 28/40=70.0% (-3.5%)
Pinsir: 9/13≈69.2% (+2.5%)
Aerodactyl: 2/3≈66.7% (=)
Snorlax: 2/3≈66.7% (+16.7%)
Onix: 9/15=60.0% (+2.9%)
Moltres: 1/2=50.0% (new)
Entei: 1/2=50.0% (new)
Zapdos: 2/6≈33.3% (new)
Articuno: 1/3≈33.3% (new)
Raikou: 2/9≈22.2% (new)
Lugia: 1/8≈12.5% (new)

Here’s a chart of progression of my catch rate over time for common Pokémon.


First of Species Log
Day 0: Squirtle (starter)
Day 1: Spearow
Day 3: Drowzee
Day 8: Magikarp
[did not start logging when I got the first member of a species until Day 72]
Day 72: Charmeleon
Day 72: Arbok
Day 72: Raichu
Day 72: Persian
Day 72: Poliwrath
Day 72: Kadabra
Day 72: Machoke
Day 72: Rapidash
Day 72: Magneton
Day 72: Gengar
Day 72: Marowak
Day 72: Seadra
Day 72: Gyarados
Day 72: Kabutops
Day 75: Flareon
Day 76: Dragonite
Day 84: Lickitung
Day 85: Graveler
Day 88: Ditto
Day 93: Electrode
Day 94: Charizard
Day 95: Victreebel
Day 96: Nidoqueen
Day 96: Gloom
Day 98: Vulpix
Day 109: Nidoking
Day 114: Diglett
Day 126: Sandslash
Day 138: Ivysaur
Day 138: Blastoise
Day 141: Lapras
Day 143: Machamp
Day 153: Clefable
Day 171: Snorlax
Day 174: Swinub
Day 174: Hoothoot
Day 174: Murkrow
Day 174: Natu
Day 175: Sentret
Day 175: Ledyba
Day 175: Furret
Day 175: Spinarak
Day 176: Wooper
Day 176: Aipom
Day 177: Remoraid
Day 177: Elekid
Day 177: Marill
Day 177: Hoppip
Day 177: Cyndaquil
Day 178: Chinchou
Day 179: Teddiursa
Day 179: Pineco
Day 181: Ledian
Day 183: Sudowoodo
Day 183: Sneasel
Day 184: Skarmory
Day 185: Sunkern
Day 186: Quagsire
Day 187: Girafarig
Day 189: Arcanine
Day 189: Alakazam
Day 189: Golem
Day 189: Slowking
Day 189: Steelix
Day 189: Rhydon
Day 189: Kingdra
Day 189: Omastar
Day 189: Noctowl
Day 189: Ariados
Day 189: Xatu
Day 189: Azumarill
Day 189: Piloswine
Day 190: Misdreavus
Day 192: Gligar
Day 193: Crobat
Day 194: Larvitar
Day 194: Chikorita
Day 196: Qwilfish
Day 196: Slugma
Day 206: Miltank
Day 209: Smoochum
Day 210: Houndour
Day 211: Mantine
Day 223: Yanma
Day 228: Ninetales
Day 228: Dugtrio
Day 228: Politoed
Day 228: Exeggutor
Day 228: Scizor
Day 228: Lanturn
Day 228: Forretress
Day 228: Octillery
Day 228: Pupitar
Day 229: Pichu
Day 231: Phanpy
Day 231: Togepi
Day 232: Igglybuff
Day 233: Cleffa
Day 234: Magby
Day 235: Vileplume
Day 236: Dunsparce
Day 239: Aerodactyl
Day 244: Stantler
Day 253: Mareep
Day 253: Tangela
Day 254: Skiploom
Day 266: Snubbull
Day 266: Totodile
Day 274: Tyranitar
Day 282: Tyrogue
Day 299: Primeape
Day 299: Quilava
Day 299: Sunflora
Day 299: Magcargo
Day 299: Houndoom
Day 299: Typhlosion
Day 303: Croconaw
Day 305: Bellossom
Day 312: Bayleef
Day 319: Muk
Day 319: Donphan
Day 324: Blissey
Day 324: Porygon2
Day 324: Granbull
Day 329: Hitmontop
Day 331: Flaafy
Day 338: Articuno
Day 344: Moltres
Day 348: Zapdos
Day 349: Jumpluff
Day 363: Feraligatr
Day 370: Lugia
Day 378: Wobbuffet
Day 384: Raikou
Day 387: Meganium
Day 398: Togetic
Day 398: Ursaring
Day 399: Ampharos
Day 401: Entei

Current Contents of Storage Stats

My Pokémon are currently at 555/600.
My eggs are currently at 9/9.
My items are currently at 413/350, specifically:
1x Potion
4x Super Potion
39x Hyper Potion
56x Max Potion
9x Revive
159x Max Revive
42x Lucky Egg
1x Rare Candy
2x Great Ball
24x Ultra Ball
24x Razz Berry
1x Nanab Berry
3x Pinap Berry
38x Golden Razz Berry
Egg Incubator ∞
1x Sun Stone
4x King’s Rock
3x Metal Coat
3x Dragon Scale
1x Up-Grade