Aggressively Seeking Malice

Okay, so I’m Asian, and suppose I’m with two other people, A and B, of which at least A is White.

Suppose A says “Wow, there’s lots of Asians around here”. Then B stares at A and subsequently tells A that is racist.

If you’re A, you have not done anything that will cause me to want to distance myself from you. You were just remarking that there seems to be a high quantity of Asians in the vicinity. It’s not like you’re saying or even implying something prejudiced about Asians. I saw no racism in that statement, and I wouldn’t even have contemplated the possibility until B decided to remark on it.

If you’re B, then you have signaled to me that you heard that utterance and saw racism in it where I still do not see racism after your remark. You have somewhat persuaded me that I should distance myself from you, because if you heard that and decided there’s malice in it, then I don’t want to be around you, because even though I’m in the demographic you’re happening to believe to protect at the present, I’m sure somewhere down the road I’m bound to make a statement I think is innocent but that you will judge me as malicious for, given that you saw this in that statement.

Southern Cambridge: An Ingress Territories Map

I made an attempt at depicting the southern half of Cambridge, MA in a map showing territorial control in Ingress, pointing out areas well controlled by one faction, like Cambridgeport (an Enlightened stronghold) and West MIT (a Resistance stronghold), also highlighting fronts and battlegrounds where control frequently shifts and action is relatively fast.


Well, in my head it was a lot cooler than it turned out. Perhaps with symbols crafted with more nuance this could look more like a battle map.

Declaration of Universal Acceptance of Listening or Conversation with Minority and Unpopular Opinions

I am willing to hear, with a guarantee of non-counteraction, the opinions and thoughts of anyone with perceived uncommon or unpopular opinions, or opinions that one fears garners significant societal judgment or ostracization upon expression, either in the global scene or in the particular specific communities one is a member of. I consider this important both for the spirit of understanding and open-mindedness, and believe that it is both healthy and intellectually useful to be exposed to a wide swath of thoughts and perspectives.

I will respond with such a request with either an acceptance of discussion or a response that I do not actually believe your opinion is a minority or unpopular opinion within your stated context. If the community of context that you mention is one I’m unfamiliar with, I may default to the latter. I also may listen to opinions that aren’t minority and unpopular opinions; I’m only saying I *might* decline.

I can only guarantee non-counteraction as far as you present your opinion as simply just an opinion. If you suggest that you wish to take action based on this opinion, than I can no longer guarantee non-counteraction.

This is an opportunity for the honest and well-intended exchange of thoughts, and people, like me, do not have enough time to take conversation to full rigorosity of analysis. If you manage to give me the impression that you are a troll and are using this as an opportunity to troll, thus wasting my time, I may become wholly uninterested in discussion with you. Although I cannot well-define what makes me categorize you as a troll, actions that suggest the stuff may include repeatedly bringing up already-discussed material, resorting to arguments on aspects clearly irrelevant to the conversation at hand, or being oppositional when from other contexts you are clearly not actually of such an opinion. It is okay to play Devil’s Advocate, and I’d in fact encourage doing so, but make it clear that you are.

Matching-Highest-Degree Vegetarianism

As some of you may know, I am (at the present) not a vegetarian.

As some of you may also know, I tried being vegan once about four years ago, and stayed so for about two months, and then backed off to some alternation of being vegetarian and being vegan most days for a few more months after. Then I reverted to my normal dietary state.

I do wish to contribute a part to keeping the planet a healthy nice, place, and eating less meat is one of the best things an individual can do.

The problem is that my appetite is enormous.

Some of you that know me in the physical world may know a restaurant around here called The Friendly Toast. A lot of people call that a place to get a large meal. Yeah, I was really surprised when I first heard people say that. Most meals from The Friendly Toast don’t make me full. If I don’t have part of an appetizer, I’ll usually go also eat something else afterwards.

One serving of Soylent does not make a meal for me. It’ll last two hours before I get hungry again. I need two Soylents when I don’t feel particularly hungry, three if I am hungry. One Soylent is a snack.

(And apparently portion sizes are large here in America. I’m truly amazed, really.)

And in particular, I’ve found that it takes a lot of vegetables to be able to add up to the amount that meat is able to make me full, and thus find it quite hard to sustain vegetarianism or veganism for too many meals in a row.

But starting at the publication of this post, I will adopt this new dietary policy:

At meals, I will be as vegetarian as the most vegetarian person I’m eating with at that meal.*

As in, if a bunch of us sit at a table to have a meal, and what is being eaten is determined after we get together, if there’s someone vegetarian in the group, I’m at least vegetarian, and if there’s someone vegan, I’m vegan, for that meal.

As such, I will both average out to eating less meat than normally while also not engaging the level of eating I’ll need to sustain full-on vegetarianism, and also contribute to possible additional comfort for vegetarians and vegans in groups.

*I’m not going to be vegetarian if the only vegetarian options involve asparagus or mushrooms.

List of Notable Games of

This post is now a page, as of 72CL 10.07. Updates since that date will only manifest on the page, linked here. The below, unlike the page at that link, is not up to date.

1. Short 8-Player FFA Games
2. Long Endgames
3. Artificially Long Endgames
4. Wins Involving Capturing All 7 Other Players in 8-Player FFA
5. Wins after Long AFKs (or otherwise Periods of No Movement)
6. Wins after Really Close Calls
7. Games with Late First Capture
8. Short 1v1s
9. Long 1v1s
10. Short 2v2s
11. Hilariously Bad Spawns

1. Short 8-Player FFA Games

90 turns, won by lambda_hat
98 turns, won by ThePainTrain
102 turns, won by TH
111 turns, won by aZ
112 turns, won by Dildo McTaint
115 turns, won by fakuku.
116 turns, won by sora
116 turns, won by moosery
119 turns, won by Sapphire
119 turns, won by lambda_hat
120 turns, won by trump (also in Wins Involving Capturing All 7 Other Players)
123 turns, won by 🐼The Panda🐼
123 turns, won by lambda_hat
125 turns, won by Plurmorant
126 turns, won by Sapphire
126 turns, won by 0xGG
131 turns, won by Plurmorant

109 turns, won by 0xGG against mostly bots

92 turns, won by ThePainTrain (though one opponent quit near capture)
101 turns, won by lambda_hat (though one opponent quit near capture)
116 turns, won by SNAKEBIRD V2 (though one opponent quit near capture)

2. Long Endgames

Gingah vs. zmpeg, turns 143 to 486 (also in Wins after Long AFKs)
hmm vs. george230 vs. The Tiger, turns 128 to 479
Anonymous vs. da Josh vs. Your Mother, turns 213 to 568 (also in Games of Incredible Luck)
さえもん vs. 0xGG vs. Marum, turns 107 to 491
thucydides vs. HeadPonchoNumUno, turns 206 to 603
aaaaaasadasd vs. uhoh, turns 311 to 715
Vermin Supreme vs. Anonymous, turns 135 to 559
Hell is no butter vs. さえもん vs. “sQs“, turns 149 to 633
mic49 vs. 0xGG, turns 199 to 671
ICTRAY vs. ikeboy, turns 346 to 832
JkjA vs. Tomagawka, turns 166 to 670
gingah vs. sk, turns 181 to 704
CornHELL Univ vs. Sudo vs. Archonn, turns 373 to 919
Suckit vs. JkjA, turns 121 to 721
pixiespirit vs. fabianmossberg, turns 270 to 881
A vs. qq45, turns 226 to 952
gino vs. james vs. vovanz, turns 173 to 924
minkus vs. Hi Chocolate, turns 225 to 1008
PetePuma vs. poofytoo, turns 183 to 1023
noe vs. Wuped, turns 221 to 1123
Dawgington vs. mobil_test, turns 224 to 1127
日本勢 vs. Moo, turns 224 to 1758

3. Artificially Long Endgames

708 turns
1056 turns
1070 turns
1802 turns
2621 turns (this game transcends artificially extended bizarreness quite a few ways)
2873 turns
3443 turns
5160 turns
5173 turns
11968 turns
38165 turns
43983 turns
84009 turns

4. Wins Involving Capturing All 7 Other Players in 8-Player FFA

Achieved by trump, in 120 turns (also in Short Games)
Achieved by ▬▬ι════════ﺤ, in 154 turns
Achieved by Scopitta, in 194 turns
Achieved by 0xGG, in 212 turns
Achieved by theunabletable, in 263 turns

Achieved by 0xGG, in 285 turns, though with three AFK players

Almost achieved by cheesee, last opponent quit on turn 163

5. Wins after Long AFKs (or otherwise Periods of No Movement)

Achieved by Poonslayer7, AFK turns 1 to 100
Achieved by ash, AFK turns 1 to 111 (keyboard unplugged)
Achieved by Chromebook Spoopy, AFK turns 1 to 112
Achieved by 0xGG, AFK turns 1 to 117 (browsing discord)
Achieved by Fen1kz, AFK turns 1 to 137 (browsing reddit)
Achieved by KingTrav2, AFK turns 1 to 169
Achieved by Twolkai, AFK turns 1 to 198
Achieved by fakuku., AFK turns 1 to 204
Achieved by 0xGG, AFK turns 112 to 334 (fire alarm)
Achieved by Gingah, AFK turns 180 to 410 (phone call) (also in Long Endgames)
Achieved by Turtleman, AFK turns 1 to 742

Not exactly AFK, but no expansion, by scott baio, turns 73 to 415

6. Wins after Really Close Calls

0xGG, in this game
AlphonseSantoro, in this game
Any Mouse, in this game
fakuku, in this game
Fen1kz, in this game
Scopitta, in this game
Stormhewer, in this game
Testing, in this game
Your Mother, in this game (also in Long Endgames)


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The Unavoidability of Red

In a recent referendum, Mauritania voted to add red stripes to their yellow-and-green flag. This means Mauritania has joined the vast majority of countries that have decided that red should be one of the colors on their flag. How vast is this majority? This vast.


No other general category of color (green, yellow, white, etc.) comes close to red’s dominance in prevalence among countries’ flags. A lot of nations find important symbolism in the color red, often representing the blood of those that have died for their country, revolution, courage, or valor, among other meanings.

In fact, if you look at the map above, you’d find that among countries with at least one land border, you cannot avoid either the country you’re in or a country you border having red in their flag if you include maroon as a red. If you exclude maroon, you can achieve this in Uruguay or Qatar.

Note that I have colored non-sovereign countries or territories in the map above according to the flag of the sovereign country that owns the land. If one considers the flags of these regions instead, there will be a few additional instances of flags without red, like Curaçao, Tokelau, and Macau.