I’m at MIT; What’s My Street Address?

Here’s a visual aid for street addresses of MIT buildings. It’s not exhaustive, particularly for buildings in the periphery (and, of course, buildings not even within this snippet).

Note that street address may be different from mailing address; this is unfortunate.


Some notes:

  • Buildings 3, 5, and 7 are respectively 33, 55, and 77 Massachusetts Ave.
  • Building 32 is 32 Vassar St.
  • The MIT Tunnel System spans buildings with addresses that span 6 different roads.
  • Sloan third-floor connections span buildings with addresses that span 4 different roads (and curiously, main campus third-floor connections also only span 4).
  • Building 8 is a main-group building with an Ames St. address.
  • Buildings 17 and 57 somehow have a street address to themselves despite not touching a road.
  • Westgate Apartments (Building W85 and lettered extensions) spans 3 different roads in street addresses.
  • Building W53 (Carr Tennis Facilities) is addressed to Memorial Dr. despite having Amherst St. between it and Memorial Dr.

The background map is OpenStreetMap.

4 thoughts on “I’m at MIT; What’s My Street Address?”

  1. Isn’t Senior Hause 70 Amherst St? I thought the Ames St address was retired.

    1. This is catalogued according to data currently provided from Facilities. It may be that the mailing address is different from the street address.

      1. Mailing addresses are often different from street addresses. I know that mail to my lab in Building 6 was to be addressed to 32 Vassar Street, because it went to a shipping office in the basement of Stata before making its way to the mail room in Building 6.

        Why did they retire the Ames Street address for Senior House? Was this related to trying to de-undergradify the building somehow?

  2. I really appreciate this map; thanks for making it! I, too, am surprised to see that Building 8 has an Ames Street address.

    Also, I can explain, I think, why W53 has a Memorial Drive address. My understanding is that the portion of Amherst Street between Mass Ave and Westgate has been retired by the city and transferred to MIT. Legally, it’s just a long driveway, even though it has street signs. So I suspect it may not be possible for it to have addresses on it?

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