“America First, Netherlands Second” is Much More Respectable than Mainstream American Comedic Fare

For those unfamiliar with the work, here you go.

Notice that the video contained several moments during which its makers could have easily made an “orange” joke or a “tiny hands” joke about Donald Trump, but those didn’t happen. They had enough material to make fun of Donald Trump for already by taking from actual issues with Donald Trump and his proposed agenda, and they made good jokes with them. They didn’t have to descend to the name-calling of resorting to calling Donald Trump orange or tiny-handed, attributes that don’t affect legitimacy as a leader, unlike much of America’s mainstream liberal comedy, which not just embraces the cheap jokes but tend to elevate them above the legitimate issues, referencing them whenever the opportunity arises, while deciding that the more important problems are the one-time fare. This makes this Dutch comedy piece much more respectable.

Unfortunately, the follow-ups to this piece didn’t quite resist temptation as well as this piece did. (They were also, in my opinion, mostly not as funny.)


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