In Which I Find Myself Blogging about AriZona Beverages for the Second Time, Somehow

One of my favorite beverages is the Cherry-Lime Rickey by AriZona Beverages, labeled “A Brooklyn Original” on the bottle above where it says “Cherry-Lime Rickey” in a graffiti-style font. Unfortunately, it contains high fructose corn syrup, and quite a bit of it, so I’m always really self-conscious when I decide to indulge my tongue and allow myself one and to acknowledge potential flipped birds in my direction from future self.

There’s a few things to note here, though. First, this drink caused me to learn what the word ‘rickey’ means. Fortunately for me as a teetotaler, the beverage is as much a rickey as it is from Arizona.

That brings me to the other point of interest here: there’s almost a second-level joke going on here on authenticity. AriZona Beverages is based in New York, thus branding itself as associated with a part of the country about as different as possible as where it is, and then this particular drink with “A Brooklyn Original” is the same deceptional idea, but in nearly the exact opposite direction. It’s like they’re making fun of themselves. A consumer could go “huh, Arizona…why suddenly Brooklyn?” but upon more research find Brooklyn is actually the much closer location to where the people that actually make AriZona Beverages are.

Wow, this delicious drink is like a potpourri of lies. At least it tastes wonderful. Maybe I should just think about that part some of the time.


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