Idea Overflow

A few months ago, I decided that I spent way too much time blogging and should free up some time in my life to do all the other things I need to do. I decided I should give myself a goal of making just 4 posts a month, on average, and that really should be plenty of room in which to pour out my thoughts, ideas, and opinions, but I’ll let myself slide a few more posts in if I feel I really need to say something. I’d supposedly end up with 48 posts a year, possibly a bit more for those extra thoughts, which seems plenty.

Just one slight problem.

This is my 50th post in the past five months.

Ugh, how did this happen? Maybe I’d make myself be able to swallow the fact that this happened, if it weren’t for that I have not nearly poured out a significant fraction of all I’ve wanted to write. Along with the posts I do publish, this blog now carries a magnificent backlog of half-baked drafts, filled with currently-orphaned thousands and thousands of words. I don’t think three years ago I’ve had as many of these thoughts and opinions as I do now, that I feel I must tell the world.

It’s quite clear given the things I do now that I really need to get a grip of the fact that there just isn’t time for everything that I’d like to do, even if I perform them optimally efficiently. And it’s sad just thinking about this. But maybe if I actually told myself I get only four posts each month, this will cause myself to cherish the space and only write what I most would like to say. I’ll need to find some good means of content concentration.

I think I will try this for June. Let’s see how it works out.


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