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A few months ago, I decided that I spent way too much time blogging and should free up some time in my life to do all the other things I need to do. I decided I should give myself a goal of making just 4 posts a month, on average, and that really should be plenty of room in which to pour out my thoughts, ideas, and opinions, but I’ll let myself slide a few more posts in if I feel I really need to say something. I’d supposedly end up with 48 posts a year, possibly a bit more for those extra thoughts, which seems plenty.

Just one slight problem.

This is my 50th post in the past five months.

Ugh, how did this happen? Maybe I’d make myself be able to swallow the fact that this happened, if it weren’t for that I have not nearly poured out a significant fraction of all I’ve wanted to write. Along with the posts I do publish, this blog now carries a magnificent backlog of half-baked drafts, filled with currently-orphaned thousands and thousands of words. I don’t think three years ago I’ve had as many of these thoughts and opinions as I do now, that I feel I must tell the world.

It’s quite clear given the things I do now that I really need to get a grip of the fact that there just isn’t time for everything that I’d like to do, even if I perform them optimally efficiently. And it’s sad just thinking about this. But maybe if I actually told myself I get only four posts each month, this will cause myself to cherish the space and only write what I most would like to say. I’ll need to find some good means of content concentration.

I think I will try this for June. Let’s see how it works out.

50 States: Descriptions, for Another Demographic

I’ve introduced America’s 50 States previously. Here, I’ll introduce them more concisely for another demographic.

Delaware: Finally, a state.
Pennsylvania: Finally, a state people know for something other than being FIRST.
New Jersey: Like Jersey, but for the new world.
Georgia: Finally, a state with slaves. (Well, not anymore. (We’re pretty sure.))
Connecticut: Disrupt connecting with doing the exact opposite.
Massachusetts: Disrupt sunny day with sudden thunderstorm. And sudden drivers.
Maryland: Like Snake, but for Congressional Districts.
South Carolina: Disrupt America with secession.
New Hampshire: Disrupt life with freedom xor dying.
Virginia: Disrupt president with next president.
New York: Building a city that matters. (The other ones don’t, right?)
North Carolina: Like Maryland, but with occasional sane districts.
Rhode Island: Disrupt being an island with not being an island plantations.
Vermont: Like nature. (Or at least, I hope you like nature.)
Kentucky: Disrupt smoking with…nah, just keep smoking.
Tennessee: Disrupt evolution with lynchings.
Ohio: Disrupt having four letters with having three syllables.
Louisiana: Disrupt counties with parishes.
Indiana: Like India, but for Batman.
Mississippi: Like a third world country, but for America.
Illinois: Like New York, but for the Midwest.
Alabama: Disrupt screaming with consonants.
Maine: Disrupt delicate senate balance with existing.
Missouri: Disrupt existing with delicate senate balance.
Arkansas: Like Kansas, but for pirates.
Michigan: Disrupt industry with bankruptcy.
Florida: Like Australia, but for America.
Texas: Building Bible thumpers that matter.
Iowa: Like Ohio, but for corn.
Wisconsin: Like Illinois, but colder.
California: Disrupt disruption with disrupting.
Minnesota: Like Wisconsin, but even colder.
Oregon: Disrupt lush forest with hipsters.
Kansas: Like a pancake, but flatter.
West Virginia: Disrupt secession with secession.
Nevada: Disrupt unending desert with radioactive waste.
Nebraska: Like Kansas, but more boring.
Colorado: Like Tibet, but for America.
North Dakota: Like South Dakota, but North.
South Dakota: Like North Dakota, but South.
Montana: Building sky that matters.
Washington: Finally, a president.
Idaho: Like Iowa, but for potatoes.
Wyoming: Like Montana, but with less people.
Utah: Like Jesus, but with latter-day saints, whatever that means.
Oklahoma: Like a river delta, but for the Trail of Tears.
New Mexico: Disrupt ugly flag designs with aesthetic taste.
Arizona: Like your oven, but for real life.
Alaska: Like your freezer, but for real life.
Hawaii: Like Florida, but many years later.

Lengths of Selected Countries

These calculations are performed with the assumption of nullification of Antarctic claims. These diagrams are generated using the daftlogic wrapper over Google Maps.

(And in case these maps constitute obscuring copyright, these maps are ©Gregorian 2017 Google, INEGI, ORION-ME.)

For reference, the equatorial circumference of the Earth is 40075 km, so 20037 km is the furthest apart two points on Earth can be.

France: 18168 km


United Kingdom, according to British claims: 16139 km


United States: 15326 km


Norge (Norway): 15098 km


United Kingdom, according to Mauritian, but not Argentinian, claims: 13589 km


United Kingdom, according to Argentinian and Mauritian claims: 10989 km

(Sidenote: the longest distance from the Shetlands to Tristan da Cunha just barely edges out the longest distance from Grand Cayman to Dhekelia, that is, by about 60 km, so we will not have to also address British-Cypriot territorial disputes.)

Россия (Russia), according to Russian claims: 8188 km


Nederland (Netherlands): 8057 km


Россия (Russia), according to Ukrainian, but not Japanese, claims: 7974 km


Россия (Russia), according to Ukrainian and Japanese claims: 7941 km


Australia: 7869 km


中國 (China), according to claims of the Republic: 5750 km


Aotearoa (New Zealand): 5721 km


中国 (China), according to claims of the People’s Republic: 5582 km


Canada: 5555 km


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The Four-Colorability of the World: Addendum on Planarity

After presenting my conclusions in my previous post on the four-colorability of the world to several friends and friends of friends, we pondered the question of whether the map of the world’s countries is planar. It is in fact not: consider the induced subgraph of (that is, consider the connections among) Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia.


You were big
We were small
You had pride
We couldn’t
We were too insignificant
To even be noticeable
And thus you brushed us aside
Until you found the way
To remove us en masse
Your lives were long
Our lives were short
You made our lives shorter
And you were so proud of it

But we’re still here
And we’re waiting for you to
In your gloating
Overlook us
Because the undeniable is that
With our ephemerality
Change is on our side
At least more so than on yours
And together
We shall evolve
We shall struggle
We shall overcome
Your antibiotics