Views Here on zyxyvy, and McDonalds

A while ago, I saw a data map depicting the number of McDonalds in each country.

I noticed the numbers were rather reminiscent of the distribution of views here on this blog, and after a while of thinking, it made quite some sense: in both cases, one would expect the number to correlate with how much interchange with America a country exhibits, in my case, because I live and blog here in the USA and thus what I write about is probably more pertinent to people with more similar situations. In fact, it so happens that around now the number of views I’ve had here on zyxyvy is around the number of McDonalds for several countries, which probably won’t persist because the rate at which one of these increases is (and will hopefully stay) substantially greater than the other.

So in the interest of comparing these really-shouldn’t-be-compared quantities while we can, here’s a map of ratios:zyxyvy_ratio_mcdonalds

Given the language of this blog, it makes sense that several countries and territories with higher numbers of McDonalds than zyxyvy views are countries where English is less prevalent. In the case of China, we are seeing the manifestation of the fact that China blocks WordPress and thus all views from China this blog gets are through firewall workarounds, whereas China has happily endorsed the incoming of brands like McDonalds from America. The only other country where McDonalds are at least 8 times as numerous as zyxyvy views is Panama.

The dark blue countries on the map include both countries and territories where zyxyvy views outnumber McDonalds by at least 8 times, like the United States and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and countries where zyxyvy has received at least 16 views but no McDonalds have opened yet, like Algeria and Bangladesh. (Yes, Bangladesh—it rather surprised me too that somehow not a single McDonalds is open in Bangladesh. Searching around the internet, it appears the word on the street is that McDonalds closed its Bangladesh establishments due to insufficient regulations for quality control, but I haven’t yet found a source that is beyond an online-forum-style page.)


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