Opinions without Names Attached: MIT Communities

In this post, I share my generalized thoughts towards 22 different living communities at MIT, from my experiences interacting with them, without explicitly labeling the descriptions with which community I’m sharing my thoughts on. (This, hopefully, helps dodge influence of judgment in people who aren’t themselves familiar with the described communities.)

1. Reckless and bold. In it to make things interesting by force. Usually consider their brazen attitude towards life positively, yet consistently feel too sketched out to get my personal self involved in their activities. Most of the time smile at the presence of their attitude, but occasionally feel it is too much and hard to stop.

2. Good with the rebellious and anti-establishment spirit, but that’s pretty much it. Mostly people yelling and circlejerking rather than actually doing anything. If more of them would actually bother to get themselves involved in processes rather than just complain about the incompetence of people actually doing the work, maybe they would get more of what they want and maybe people would have more sympathy for them.

3. A beautiful balance of wholesomeness and silliness. Community generally has a great collective sense of humor. Only sometimes gets too carried away with it.

4. Community constantly in search of ways to make there not be nice things. Makes fun of other communities all the time, yet when others make fun of them, complain about how the joke’s not funny and only they should get to make fun of themselves (and of course, others). Has several people that don enough levels of irony to irony-stack overflow. Loves to take a concept where there isn’t a clearly defined boundary of starting when things are not okay and pushing just a tad bit more into uncool territory than everyone else does. Has some members that are nice people to get to know as individuals.

5. Eccentric but cool community. Unfortunately many of its members are hard to get to know, let alone become friends with. Some of the things they do I still don’t really understand.

6. One of the greatest celebrations of nerdiness, a floor that goes far both with exhibiting the awesomeness of nerds and self-aware making fun of the derpiness of nerds. Has respectable dedication to what they bring to the overall community, and carries down ridiculously good running jokes. One of my favorite communities at MIT.

7. A community trying to jump onto the bandwagon of cool rebelliousness, and actually has done pretty well so far. Has slipped up from time to time, and also has had to deal with certain things, but quite has everything together now. Glad they exist.

8. Too small to be much of a community. Sometimes feel sorry for them due to other communities using their space and not taking care of it enough.

9. Really likable pursuit of hedonism. Great community principles on personal freedom. Has some members that are a bit excessively edgy with it.

10. Lovable, loving, and wholesome community of particularly high concentration of math nerds. Many members with respectably refined views on life. Although with occasional terribly irritating members, the pervading feel on hall is one of care for the community. Causes lots of cool things to happen in the world. One of my favorite communities at MIT.

11. Awe-inspiring group of people. Filled with people who are impressively intensely serious about their fields of interest, working on their projects very diligently. A wonder to behold, but often missed because they are so humble about their work. They do the work that is the work of the unsung heroes. One of my favorite communities at MIT.

12. Really respectable community with really respectable community standards. Very appreciable promotion of vegetarianism and veganism. Very welcoming, and runs plenty of cool events. For some reason is quite friendly to some terrifyingly disturbing people as well.

13. Community that routinely attracts the most repulsive of human beings, from people that actively try to be an asshole to people pretending to be an asshole. Either way, the effect is assholery. A community obsessed with looking strong and belittling others.

14. Found community to be full of people unwilling to do things, but also other things that really ticked me off. Later someone pointed out to me that community has issue of containing four cliques of different and conflicting hardcore ideologies, and once in while someone from one clique’s mouth would be open while someone from any of the other three cliques’ ear would be open. Thought a while and realized this was precisely the problem. Thought a while longer and realized community had much bigger problems than even this.

15. Community behind many cool events, with an awesome culture. Honestly liked their previous hall theme better, but the new one is still cool. Has occasional members that are very disregarding of others’ feelings. Home to many of the people on campus that are easiest to get along with.

16. Out of this community springs some of the best running jokes. Also, some of the greatest callousness towards the wellbeing of others. Really not a surprise how often people here screw up in MIT, given how little people here seem to want to care for each other. Several do not know where casual joking stops and distancing intimidation starts. Very vivid gaming spirit.

17. A bit proud of doing questionable things often. Also, often just plain annoying.

18. Most people quite friendly once you know them. Somehow despite recent massive cultural changes still maintains an ambient attitude that they are superior to all other communities, particularly others in the same dorm. Seems like a joke until one realizes most residents act as if they sincerely believe their community is superior to all others. To their credit, contains a lot of people that have actually caused an impressive lot to happen on campus.

19. Somehow constantly manages to shoehorn internal problems in the community as problems caused by other communities. Often a truely picky pain in the ass to deal with.

20. Generally enjoy their attitude and the statements they make. Many intensely pursue their interests and cause really cool things to happen, and exhibit centrally a particular culture of nerdiness its dorm is generally associated with. Unfortunately, also too many that value nominally being in their community too much, and thus could feel rather exclusionary to interact with as an outsider.

21. Community that never stops bewildering me with how active their social list is. Do they ever tool instead of remixing memes over e-mail all day? Regardless, many friendly, enterprising individuals. Cool cultures.

22. Once one of my favorite communities at MIT for their radical approach to the world, now not nearly as much due to how many of its members are just terrible people that represent the good parts of its principles.


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