It’s sometimes fun to make one’s own bingo board for an event and to compete with others’ boards for a bingo. This can often be seen when, for instance, a large set of people watch a debate and make bingo boards for terms they think will certainly or near-certainly pop up during debate.

Here, I propose a couple more interactive games when one has large groups of people.

Cooperative Meta-Bingo

Get a group of n² or (2n-1)²-1 people, for integer n>1 (the latter case corresponds to boards with FREE bingo spaces in the center of the board). Have each person individually design a bingo board for an event, then bring the boards together to strategize placing the boards into the spaces of a bingo board of bingo boards. The Cooperative Meta-Bingo is a success as soon as five bingo boards in the same row, column, or diagonal all reach bingo. Alternatively, have each player fill out the board individually to make the game a competition of who is paying attention. In yet another alternative, show all bingo boards to all players but have each player make their own meta-bingo board out of some permutation of the bingo boards; the player who reaches meta-bingo first wins.

Thinkalike Meta-Bingo

Get a group of people as in the case with Cooperative Meta-Bingo. Have each person individually design a bingo board for an event, then look at the boards. Call the term in a position in a bingo board that corresponds to the position of that bingo board in the meta-bingo board a representative term. The Thinkalike Meta-Bingo is a success if the boards can be arranged such that a row, column, or diagonal of the meta-bingo board has bingo boards all with the same representative terms. For an added challenge, require multiple terms. For a competitive version, give everyone all the boards, and see who is the first to build a correct Thinkalike Meta-Bingo.


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