Hints to “Hidden from Canada”

(this puzzle hunt)

(or in other words, hey, you have a few hours left until the Galactic hunt, why not warm up?)

1. Beautiful
Oh hey, the number of words in each group is exactly the same as the number of groups. How odd.

2. Longtailed
That’s quite a gradient there. It would suck for the pattern-obsessive among you if…they weren’t evenly spaced?

3. Rustic
Yes, that’s a double-headed arrow. And yes, there are two sets of three collinear light green dots.

4. Vast
Ending with an e-flat and a c seems very popular at the start. I wonder why it died out.

5. Meta
If the eight underscores were replaced by four underscores, there would still be a reasonable solution to this puzzle hunt.


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