Pimples really amaze me, in that despite the fact that certainly humans have been concerned about them since antiquity, an internet search, even across supposedly reliable medical advice sites, reveals lots of unresolved conflict as to how to deal with them. Many say they should never be popped and that popping them leads to scarring or making the issue worse. But a sizeable contingent seems to think it’s okay at least in some circumstances, but even these people disagree on when these circumstances are and what the correct way to extract them are. With just a bit of the community backing me, I’ve aggressively popped my pimples, motivated quite a bit by the fact that I just feel cleaner having them expelled from my body. I don’t see a correlation between popping pimples and getting a worse problem in the local area, and I don’t think I’ve had a problem with scarring (although maybe my definition of a scar is different).

What my body does seem to confirm, though, is that sleep deprivation and stress correlate with increased pimple output. This unfortunately adds insult to injury, and is also rather mysterious to think about.

But one thing that has rather intrigued me about pimples is the issue of blood. Supposedly, pimples are inflammations from bacterial infection in a hair follicle, so there shouldn’t be blood in there, and yet usually blood comes out when I pop a pimple. Even though it’s weird, I’ve usually been happier about a pimple popping with blood because as I understand of whatever I know about health, blood helps a wound fight infection. Thus, I’ve usually pressed more fiercely in hopes bleeding starts in past occurrences when I pop a pimple and blood doesn’t come out with the pus. Recently, I finally got myself to go do an internet search on why popped pimples produce blood, and apparently the blood comes from breaking nearby capillaries.

Okay, that would explain things. But to test this out a bit more, tonight I tried pressing with the force with which I pop a pimple at areas of my skin where there aren’t pimples, and even when I press much harder, no blood comes out. How is the capillary theory reconciled with the bleeding not being induced where there aren’t pimples but certainly are still capillaries? (Or maybe it’s the capillaries next to the walls of the hair follicles that are breaking, and these walls are much more fragile than the outer skin? But even still, aren’t hair follicles in their natural state open (if they were clogged, a whitehead would form), and thus, this wouldn’t matter?)


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