Five Years of International Viewership

It’s now five years since WordPress started providing by-country statistics of blog viewership. Although the vast majority of views of this blog are from the United States, there is still a significant amount of you that read this blog from dozens and dozens of countries throughout the world. In salutation to my international readers and in commemoration of five years of country viewership statistics on WordPress, here’s a cartogram of the about ninety countries that have viewed my blog at least 16 times in the past five years. Each block in the cartogram represents 16 views, with number of views rounded to the nearest 16.


Note that WordPress is blocked in China, so that’s five squares of people willing to circumvent the firewall to view my blog (or the Chinese government, I guess). I’m glad my blog’s worth the wallbreak.

ERRATUM/UPDATE: I previously failed to label Luxembourg (the green square right of Belgium) on the cartogram; that is now fixed. I’m sorry, Luxembourg!


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