Zer(0)-(x)cost (G)amin(G)

When I first selected 0xGG to be my username for the gaming world, I intended it to represent the intersection of a piece of gaming jargon with the idea of taking things to eleven in hexadecimal. But just like ‘dzaefn’, I’ve since first use decided to reassign meaning to the handle.

I grew up with two parents that both universally condemned (video) gaming as only possibly a waste of time, and thus my childhood exposure to video games was extraordinarily limited (that is, exclusively underground). The entire corpus of games I could play are free games from the internet that I could play when parents weren’t home. Throughout my childhood, my gaming budget was zero.

And what I have decided was that I will continue this. Of course, now, I actually have money that I could decide to spend on games, but I’ve decided to carry momentum for the purpose of meaning. I will be a zero-cost gamer.

I will continue on the gaming frugality of my childhood and not spend a cent on gaming recreation, not on paid games, not on in-game purchases. I will only use what’s free. (And what I specifically mean is that I’m not precluding donating to game developers; I’m saying I won’t pay money to get something in gaming I otherwise wouldn’t get.) By doing so, I still have a vast palette of gaming options to choose from (because there are awesome-enough developers to provide that), and I want to highlight and showcase how far one could go without pouring money into a game, to seek what there is that those without the financial resources to pre-emptively get ahead still have a fighting chance on, given sufficiently well-thought-out strategic approach to the game. I will continue playing games like Pokémon Go, Ingress, and StarColony that are free but with in-app purchases, and will try to maintain competitiveness with those that pay actual money. This is my new generalized goal and stand in gaming: to attain the most that can be with the least of money.


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