Reaching Rank #1 on

I am now ranked #1 on the North American server of for 1v1, which considering the far lesser activity on the European server and the fact that some of the best players there come to the North American server to play, pretty much translates to World Rank #1. It honestly feels exhilarating.

This was the game that brought me to Rank #1.

Unlike at the time of my previous post on 126 games, my latest 126 games now consist of 125 wins and 1 loss.

It would’ve been cooler if I had the opportunity to play former #1, Plurmorant, but the game has never pitted me against Plurmorant. I suspect that I’d lose, actually, since I rose later and it seems the player base has gotten easier for a given rating (after trying to consider the effect of me having improved). But heck, the game tells me I’m #1, woooooot.

Now it’s time to work on FFA, where I’m still most of the time not even on the leaderboard. Or actually do something else with my life. I’m far behind on what I planned to do this IAT*.

*Oh, what’s IAT? It’s Winter Break at MIT. IAP is the Independent Activities Period so IAT is the Independent Activities Training period, you see.

UPDATE: had an opportunity to play Plurmorant; I did in fact lose, but the game was interesting.


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