A Familiarity Game

In life, and in academic circles in particular, one may often encounter the situation in which one is very surprised by what others are and are not aware of. For instance, when playing a game for which a guideline for an action involves picking a reasonable piece of knowledge, there may end up being quite the lengthy quarrel about the reasonableness of a choice.

So here’s a game to try, quite substantially built upon the struggle to realize what others actually know and don’t know. It’s probably a great way to come to realize which pieces of knowledge are common knowledge and are not among a crowd.

Given a group of people, have each person ask the group a question, and have the goal to be to get 75% of people to answer correctly (adjust the 75% as desired). Allot points for proximity of the result to 75%, and allot points for getting the question correct, to incentivize honesty about one’s ability to answer the question. (If one wants to care further about game incentives, allot slightly greater quantities of points when the fraction that answer correctly is low to incentivize a question-asker to actually shoot for 75% rather than a lower number (where others’ points will also be lower).)

Repeat the round as desired.


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