People Who Have Gotten Fewer Presidential Electoral Votes than Faith Spotted Eagle: a Selection

The 58th presidential election of the United States of America saw the most spectacular electoral college map in 144 years (and that time, it was because one of the candidates died). After an entire century of no more than one faithless elector per election, this election saw 7 faithless votes make it through (and even more attempted). One of these votes, from Washington, was for Faith Spotted Eagle, someone whose Wikipedia article, at least at the writing of this blog post, is still a stub.

But now, the Electoral College has demonstrated that prior obscurity will not prevent you from getting more electoral votes ever in the history of US presidential elections than the following people, each only having gotten zero electoral votes so far.

Ross Perot

Winning over 27 million popular votes over 2 elections could not help Ross Perot in ever receiving a single electoral vote.

Ralph Nader

Whether or not he was a significant reason George W. Bush won an election questionable in many ways against Al Gore, Ralph Nader’s 2 million popular votes did not bear any fruit in electoral votes for him.

Three former presidents:
John Tyler
Andrew Johnson
Chester Arthur

These three presidents all became president due to being vice president when a president died. None of the three ever won a single electoral vote in a US presidential election. Most scholars agree that none of these three were anywhere near good presidents, so might as well.

Third-party candidates for the 58th election for president:
Gary Johnson
Jill Stein

They didn’t get any electoral votes this turn around. Or before.

Ted Cruz

And he had to face undertaking the hazingly embarassing act of calling people to encourage them to vote for someone who accused his father of conspiring to assassinate JFK. Well, he’s still relatively young, and has plenty of time with which to help ruin America and to try to beat Faith Spotted Eagle in electoral votes.

Vladimir Putin

Whatever his role in this past US presidential election was, he couldn’t mess with it enough to land him an electoral vote.

John Edwards, spelled correctly

John Edwards did win one electoral vote, but it was from a faithless elector in Minnesota who literally cast a ballot for “John Ewards” [sic], rather than John Kerry. The vote was interpreted as being for John Edwards for president.

All in all, well done, Faith Spotted Eagle. You have, at least for now, bested all of these big names in managing to get a vote from the Electoral College.

And to the faithless elector who voted for Faith Spotted Eagle: I’m not sure if you have had a point of highlighting the ludicrousness of the Electoral College, but either way, you are a hero of freedom and a hero of the American soul.


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