There Exist Bad Trivia Questions

Just because an event is literally the glorification of random or useless knowledge doesn’t mean any question you can ask is acceptable. If you cannot figure out why each of the following are bad trivia questions, you should not write trivia questions.

Who was the first British king?

What is the sixtieth word in the text of Pride and Prejudice?

What is the smallest island in Indonesia?*

How many countries have a GDP per capita between $25000 and $27500?

How many countries are there on Earth?

Name the country that Jericho is in.

How many moons does Saturn have?

What is ossification?

In chess, what is White’s best possible first move?

Note that it is possible to slightly tweak many of these questions (or use special unusual rules for scoring) to make them substantially more acceptable trivia questions, so you don’t even have to throw away your ideas.

*Bonus: Why is ‘What is the largest island in Indonesia?’ not really a good question either?


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