The Place of Words

Words are the massive improvement civilization agreed upon that nearly always makes results for both camps of a disagreement better than what it would have been with sticks and stones. Their gradual increased protection is a contract for the members of humankind to be more willing to listen to others’ perspectives, however much one finds them appalling, rather than default to fighting with those in disagreement to advance one’s agenda, as the worst case scenario involves only the wound of time and the average case scenario is one of increased understanding between the two parties, even if possibly not an increased liking of the other.

In order to achieve this understanding, one must sufficiently incentivize the other to be willing to frankly speak their mind, particularly, to have this be a more desired outcome than to reap the gain of staying silent while secretly promoting one’s agenda. To continuously vilify the other camp to a degree never before, regardless of the degree to which the apparent core principles of the other camp are vilifiable, is to drastically remove the opportunities one has to understand the feelings, thoughts, ideas, and opinions pervading the other camp, and to be able to oneself act accordingly, and to incentivize the clouding of the true numbers of the other camp. If someone from across the aisle claims to feel silenced, and you call bullshit on that, you may be right, but there is no greater evidence that the other side has legitimately felt silenced than if their numbers turn out vastly greater than anyone on your side imagined.


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