Challenge: order the following substances by toxicity. (One could measure this, for instance, in terms of how little one needs to ingest to die. (More scientifically, LD50: the median lethal dose.))compounds


2 thoughts on “Toxicity

  1. I can’t recall the numbers off the top of my head but I can identify (most of) them for you:
    A. sodium cyanide (which is obvsly bad)
    B. ethanol
    C. sodium chloride
    D. Ascorbic acid
    E. Sarin gas (my guess for highest toxicity)
    F. Thiomersal, also guessing this is pretty bad
    G. acetaminophen which is just Tylenol so probably bad but not that bad
    H. sodium glutamate or MSG I suppose. I don’t think it should actually be that bad?
    no clue what I and J are i’m guessing they’re drugs tho
    K. sucrose! yay!
    L. dat peptobismol though ūüėõ

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