Are we randophilic or do we suck?

A few days ago, two of my friends and I decided to partake in an absurdly small game of Cards Against Humanity, using the plus-Rando rules. (One set of answer cards is randomly drawn from the deck.) We managed to apparently have such orthogonal senses of humor or be so bad at the game that we chose the random set in three consecutive rounds. Was it really that bad?

Let’s let you be the judge here. I’ve copied how we played those three rounds here. In each case, what was the answer given by random generation?

In a world ravaged by ______, our only solace is ______.

a) The unstoppable tide of Islam; Panda sex
b) Lady Gaga; Throwing a virgin into a volcano
c) Kids with ass cancer; Dick fingers

In the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Hannah Montana struggles with…

a) Wiping her butt
b) Achieving reproductive success
c) Waiting ’til marriage

That’s right, I killed ______. How? ______.

a) White people; Leprosy
b) Homeless people; Switching to Geico
c) Robert Downey, Jr.; David Bowie flying in on a tiger made of lightning


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