Getting an iPhone, and Getting Pokémon Go

Three months ago, I got an iPhone.

Pardon me, my parents made me get an iPhone. I didn’t want one; I was perfectly fine with my dumbphone with which I can still actually long-distance contact people (what phones are for) and with which I am possibly telling Big Brother a little less about myself. My parents wanted to text me. Eh, at least phone calls are noticeably clearer than on my previous dumbphone. I’m willing to call that a substantial plus.

(Actually, though, the iPhone’s UI is egregious. After using the phone for a while one concludes that the button at the bottom of the screen is a return-to-normalcy button: you use it to go back to the home screen. But hitting it while on a phone call does not end the phone call! It took me many painful cases of having to go through a robocall panicking to figure out how to turn the phone off before I realized that for some reason the power button is how you end a phone call. Why would the button to end the call be the power button!? You’re not turning the device off! Grumble, grumble, grumble. Blargh.)

But well, if I have an iPhone, I might as well use its cornucopia of features for something. (I still don’t use nearly everything that it comes with.) I like its app telling you how far you’ve traveled and how much stair-climbing you’ve done each day, as much as that is also very, very creepy. I definitely don’t take my iPhone with me when I go somewhere I kind of don’t want too many people to know I’ve went.

Although I decided to not join in originally, I eventually went and got Pokémon Go on August 26. That means that here, at age 21, I have for the first time in my life actually had a Pokémon game, way past the age when that’s supposed to happen while way past the clear peak of specifically Pokémon Go’s popularity.

Hi! *waves*


(Dammit, why can’t I get my icon to wave.)

(I really wish ‘no cap’ was an option for customizing the cap, but whatever. Also, I like the red jacket better, but felt better reflecting the team I’m on. Go Instinct!)

It came with a lot of pleasant surprises actually. For instance, given how much I’ve heard others complain about how quickly their battery died, I thought my phone would be nearly instantaneously ripped. That was very much not the case. I thought I would’ve regretted missing Amazon’s battery pack sale. Now I’m even glad I started late and thus wasn’t motivated to get it. There was quite an abundance of glitches, but not as unplayably many as I got the impression there was. Of course, I’d imagine in the early days glitch bombardment was much heavier and more insufferable.

A few stats:

-Starter was CP13 Squirtle
-Joined Team Instinct at Level 7 (mostly because I didn’t realize that you had to take initiative to join a team yourself and not be automatically prompted upon reaching Level 5)
-First gym takedown at Level 14
-First gold medal was Schoolkid
-Highest Pokédex-number Pokémon caught so far is 133 (Eevee); got it really early and it still takes this position

The first discrepancy between Pokémon caught and seen I had was Staryu, which actually persisted for a significant while (many Staryus ran away from me). That eventually got resolved, and soon after that the second discrepancy was made by Tentacool, which is still a discrepancy right now and the only one. Hilariously, I have caught a Tentacruel, so it’s too bad one can’t devolve Pokémon and get candies back.

On the topic of candies, I still have trouble viewing ‘Transfer’ as unsketchy. It still feels dirty to hit that button.

One more question, did Pokémon Go get me to exercise more?

Well, we could use that app mentioned earlier to help with figuring this out. What do my walking statistics say?


(minus, of course, walks involving places that I don’t want my iPhone to know I’ve been)

So, um, a little, maybe? I walk 3.2% more than before I started playing Pokémon Go, which is probably within most reasonable bounds of error.

That’s all for now. See y’all later? Smell y’all later? Wait, no way. I’m not gonna smell you.


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