A Day with Sporcle, Revisited

Two months ago, I took 16 quizzes in each of ten categories in Sporcle and charted the results. It later dawned upon me that it would be probably more meaningful to chart percentiles (that is, percentile performance among those who took the quiz) rather than percentages, better accounting for difficulty variability in quizzes. (Now, it is more prudent to not skip multiple choice quizzes, for instance.)

So here’s this chart.


(Getting no answers is counted as 0th percentile and getting all answers is counted as 100th percentile for the purposes of this chart.)

And indeed, there’s quite a few transpositions. ‘Movies’ and ‘Sports’ swap positions, ‘Gaming’ moves down two columns, and ‘Language’ and ‘History’ swap. More interestingly, average percentile seems to now cluster into groups rather than being approximately evenly spaced from my worst category to my best category.


2 thoughts on “A Day with Sporcle, Revisited

  1. What sort of distribution do your percentiles make in each category? Does it vary between categories?

    1. This *is* a percentile distribution chart (as opposed to the chart in the linked post, which is a percentages distribution chart).

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