Are we really the greatest country on Earth?

“…don’t let anyone ever tell you that this country isn’t great, that somehow we need to make it great again. Because this, right now, is the greatest country on earth.” —Michelle Obama

Really now? Is the US actually still the greatest country on earth?

Because these countries have a higher life expectancy than the US:


(which includes several countries with a life expectancy lower than the US 20 years ago), these countries have a higher PPP/capita than the US:


(and if you wanted to look at the country as a whole, taking off /capita, than no, the US is not #1 anymore, recently surpassed by China), these countries have a lower infant mortality rate than the US:


, these countries have a higher S&P credit rating than the US:


, and these countries have a lower intentional homicide rate than the US:



And since we’re looking at things from a Democrat’s view, let’s consider social progress. These countries legally recognized same-sex marriages before the US did:


, and unlike the US, these countries have by now abolished the capital punishment:


, although, perhaps, good job, America, you’re not one of the handful of countries in the world that prescribes the capital punishment for homosexuality.

And if America’s the greatest country in the world, surely its people would be the happiest, but it turns out people in these countries are happier:



Norge (Norway), incidentally, trumps the USA at all eight of these measures, and several countries, like Danmark (Denmark) and Nederland (Netherlands) best the United States at seven of them.


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