A Day With Sporcle

I decided to spend a few hours with a site I once upon a time frequented: Sporcle.

Specifically, to find out the order of ten categories from my worst to my best, I played 16 games using the random button (skipping quizzes that were essentially multiple choices for four or less choices) in each of the ten and jotted down the results.

(Below the ten categories are in increasing order of how well I did.)


(Things turned out approximately how I expected them to turn out.)


One thought on “A Day With Sporcle

  1. I like how you write about random escapades and their statistics.

    I remember, it’s got to be 3 or 4 years ago now, when I discovered and started (and quickly became disinterested in) Sporcle, and I believe it was because of you…feels ages ago.

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