YouTube Searchability of Dragonland Song Titles

Starfall was a splendid album. If only one didn’t need to append “Dragonland” to the search query when one wanted to listen to most songs in it on YouTube.

Here are, assuming no YouTube history upon search, how far down the search results the first Dragonland-relevant result is when one searches each Dragonland song title by itself. For the hyphens (-), there are no relevant results on the first page.

The Battle of the Ivory Plains
Dragondawn: #1
Battle of the Ivory Plains: #1
A Last Farewell: #2
Ride for Glory: #1
The Orcish March: #1
The Battle of the Ivory Plains: #1
Graveheart: #2
Rondo alla Turca: -A Secret Unveiled: #2
World’s End: –
Dragondusk: #1

Holy War
Hundred Years Have Passed: #1
Majesty of the Mithril Mountains: #1
Through Elven Woods and Dwarven Mines: #1
Holy War: #17
Calm Before the Storm: –
The Return to the Ivory Plains: #1
Forever Walking Alone: #1
Blazing Hate: #1
A Thousand Points of Light: #4
One With All: –

Illusion: –
As Madness Took Me: #1
Starfall: –
Calling My Name: –
In Perfect Harmony: –
The Dream Seeker: #1
The Shores of Our Land: #1
The Returning: #14
To the End of the World: –
The Book of Shadows: –

Supernova: –
Cassiopeia: –
Contact: –
Astronomy: –
Antimatter: –
Beethoven’s Nightmare: #1
Too Late for Sorrow: #1
Direction: Perfection: #1
The Old House on the Hill: #1

Under the Grey Banner
Ilmarion: #1
Shadow of the Mithril Mountains: #1
The Tempest: –
A Thousand Towers White: #1
Fire and Brimstone: #9
The Black Mare: #1
Lady of Goldenwood: #1
Dûrnir’s Forge: #1
The Trials Of Mount Farnor: #1
Throne Of Bones: #1
Under The Grey Banner: #1
Ivory Shores: #1

By the way: looking up “The Book of Shadows” without appending “Dragonland” to the search is quite the experience.


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