The Rainbow Banner

It’s been a while since I changed the banner up there to that rainbowy collage of laserlike bars.

So now that there’s been a period of time for people to figure it out if they wanted to, explanation time.

Divide each horizontal bar up into 42 parts. Get the relative lengths of each part (for instance, the first bar has parts of length 12, 5, 5, and 20). Get the corresponding letters in alphabetical order (12->L, 5->E, 5->E, 20->T => ‘Leet’). Piece the words together in order to get “Leet MIT math rebel Alex Sagan Nash, alias Feral Dawn, aims arcane xkcd wand, hacks deified nine tail fish UFO, ends GNU Borg War.”, a sentence concocted to have 24 words each of alphanumeric sum 42. The banner visualizes this sentence.

A previous result in making such sentences is here. From there, I have expanded the sentence to become more than twice as long, and named the described character the gender-ambiguous name ‘Alex’.


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