Geography Isn’t Nearly All Memorization #2

Arrange the numbered political divisions of the following countries in order from most populous to least populous.






Incidentally, for each of these I just decided to take a map and pick a set of political divisions running across the country, before I’ve yet checked up what their populations actually look like, so I’ll also take this quiz myself and see how I do.

1. 10>4>6>9>1>8>7>5>3>2

2. 7>3>6>8>4>5>10>9>1>2

3. 4>6>10>9>7>5>8>1>12>2>3>11

That was fun. Time to look up the answers.

1. 10>4>9>1>6>3>8>7>5>2

2. 7>3>6>8>10>4>5>9>1>2

3. 4>6>10>5>7>8>9>1>3>2>12>11

Chances are, you did a lot better than if you just went with what you’ve actually memorized and guessed for the rest?

You may have had a substantially more difficult time with this one if you didn’t know where mountains or rivers generally were, or if you didn’t reflect on how mountains and rivers tend to correlate with population.


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