Online Influences

(Please refer to this list for specifics on username notation.)

Throughout my life so far, the presence of a friend of mine in an online community has caused me to decide to join, or at least give me affirmations about a decision to join. I reflect on some of these occurrences here.

O(ak909090) was the sole influence in getting me to join AoPS. He both introduced me to the website, and showed me a lot of the places around. I really wish I got to know the website earlier. I spent so much time learning so much from people younger than me. I also made a huge number of online friends, which to today I endeavor to meet as many of as I can in real life after years of online acquaintance, and even now when I don’t really wish to associate with my AoPS presence anymore.

O(ak909090) is the main reason I’m on WordPress and blog on WordPress. I read some of what he wrote and felt like I wanted to blog as well. Very much of the writing influence of my writing is O(isabella2296). O(ak909090) does not blog on WordPress anymore. is, interestingly, a community for which I pretty much joined purely out of my own decisions, revolving around a game I started playing seriously also entirely out of my own decisions. The reason this happened revolved a lot around the feeling of a need of self-assurance and the building of a part of my life out of the reach of parents; there’s quite a bit of story behind this and some of it can be found in earlier posts of this blog. (Minesweeper is the reason I’m on Twitter. That’s an even funnier story.)

I somehow entirely don’t remember who the people who caused me to join Sporcle were. I don’t use Sporcle anymore, at least not consistently, anyway.

K(xylitian) was pretty much the sole influence in getting me to join Kongregate. This is a significant stepping stone because this is actually the first place I used the username ‘dzaefn’, the first username I’d ever use in more than two websites, and for which I will probably continue to use for at least quite a while. When I joined Kongregate, K(xylitian) was Level 32. I remember playing around a bit on the website and thinking “whoa, K(xylitian) must be, like, addicted to this website. How much does one have to play to become *Level 32*?” Well.

(I believe this is the first time in this blog I have explicitly mentioned that I am the person known in other places as ‘dzaefn’. Hi, if you knew both identities and didn’t unify them yet. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about whether this blog was written by me or ask me if I knew this blog, because material posted here often seems relevant to me.)

_______e caused me to start using Project Euler. I don’t do things on Project Euler anymore. I find their problems generally subpar in interestingness; in particular, the mathematical content would be more appealing if it didn’t have so many problems on finding things that were only cool in the decimal base and not in intrinsic rather than expressive properties of a number.

O(redcomet46) convinced me to get myself filmed and then to have a few YouTube videos.

_______e was the main cause of me joining zephyr. At the time that she introduced me to zephyr, her class was still growing in traffic and nowhere near its glorious peak about a year later when it contended for the most trafficked non-spew class on zephyr. No traffic happens on her class anymore, but my class has also gone through several periods of time when it contended for zephyr’s most trafficked non-spew class.

I actually forgot exactly who caused me to make a GitHub account. It may just be a general awareness that as someone who will eventually code a lot I should get a GitHub account. I proceeded to spend many months completely bewildered by Git without any idea what’s going on.

T(f____3) is probably the person of most influence in me joining Twitch. I have wanted to Twitch-stream ever since I watched T(ExtraTricky), who I really looked up to as scintillating with coolness, and a closer friend using Twitch kind of gave me the final push to decide to figure out how it’s done and join. (It was a lot easier than it seemed!) Nearly all of my Twitch output is in playing and clones of, a game srobin introduced to me.

B(ichung) is the reason I’m now on Bitbucket. I’m glad he introduced me to the site and to the Mercurial version control system. It seems vastly nicer to use than Git.

I am very thankful to the people who have introduced me to various communities and modes of expression across the web. Looking back, most of these augmentations of online presence have been contentedly horizon-expanding.


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