44 Hours of Darkness

The past two times I slept, I slept from approximately 7 AM to approximately 4:30 PM, sleeping before sunrise and waking up after sunset. Thus, I am currently experiencing the first hour of the sky actually being blue (actually, a Bostonian cloudy grey) outside while I’m awake after 44 consecutive awake-hours of a black sky.

I love the color black, I love the night, and I loved that experience. There is a weird impression of disorientedness I get that I think is probably induced by a lifetime of not doing this, but the wonderful feeling of living nocturnal was well worth it. MIT is already starkly empty over the winter break, and this emptiness is magnified at night; there’s an awesome grand feeling about prowling through a near-silent landscape, being so much with the night, and being with so much of the night.

From here, I will probably try to extend my awake-time a bit later each awake-day such that I’ll slowly spiral back into a normal sleep schedule. Even if someday I may take a job in which I will maintain nocturnality for an extended time period, soon will not be a reasonable time to do so.

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