Human Body

Bug Reports
1) Needs to sleep. FOR A THIRD OF ITS FUCKING LIFE. And on top of that, falling asleep and waking up are ridiculously difficult to control.
2) Fingernails and toenails. Just a waste of time each weekend and a means of enhanced interrogation.
3) Appendix.
4) Digestion is disgusting. It ends in this thing known as shitting. It’s not cool. It feels like the process of digestion in humans was some evolutionary April Fools’ Joke that stuck.
5) Excessively prone to having emotions affect rational decisions.
6) In groups, has ridiculous tendency to be hivemindy.

Feature Requests
1) Wings. How did we lose out on that one?
2) Eyes in the back of the head.
3) More arms.
4) More fingers on each arm.
5) Hardware pens, laser pointers, watches, etc. Uh, yeah, like cyborgs. There we go.
6) Anaerobic support. Species these days.


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