One MIT Twist Further

The introductory class of Course 10 is 10.10.
> The introductory class of Course 20 is 20.020.

Maseeh Hall is at a building that used to be called Ashdown House.
> Maseeh’s mascot is the phoenix.

54-100 is not at a level that one would expect a 1st floor to be.
> It’s actually on the 1M floor.

the capital letters of EAsT camPUS
> the lowercase letters of EAsT camPUS

All the undergraduate dorms on Dorm Row have first letters next to each other on the QWERTY keyboard.
> So do all the undergraduate dorms not on Dorm Row.

Buildings 36 and 38 seem very close to 180° rotations of each other.
>>Buildings 36 and 38 are both called the Fairchild Building.
>>> Buildings 36 and 38 used to be the same building, before Building 34 was built separating its halves.
>>>> Despite being labelled 34-600, the hallway at the top of Building 34 is shown as part of Building 36’s sixth floor on floorplans.

The MIT Science Fiction Society has a non-misleading name: it is, in fact, a social circle of science fiction enthusiasts.
> Of student groups in the student center, this is unusual.

Given that the Heinz Building is W59, Simmons Hall is W79, and the MIT Police station is W89, clearly the new building built between the Heinz Building and Simmons Hall should have been numbered W69.
> The building’s a daycare center.

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