Two Fires

There was a fire
That brightly blazed
A path across the land
And the people watched in horror
As the fire majestically marched
To put an end to this daring fire
Nearly all agreed
And together they fought the fire until
It flew its fiery flares no more

But underground
A second fire
By nearly every way more massive
Was everywhere ignored
For until this fire breaks the ground
Not many will really care
Even if when it enters sight
It would then be too late
For this fire is much the more savage
And will burn not a path but a world

What is there to say
When one looks at the scars of a burnt wall
But can only think of another fire?
Is this strange? Is this inconsiderate?

Oh, to think of how
So much is because fires are remembered
Not for how fiercely they burned
But for how brightly they flamed


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