Three years of zyxyvy

Today, zyxyvy turns three.

Let’s take a look back.

Though this blog commenced as a series of thoughts and associations on life and its properties, it expanded to include a lot more.

Statistics and data visualization eventually became central to this blog, starting with this collection of statistics on the Iliad. Looking back through the various graphs and charts, I would highlight this map of United States highways, this world map, this to-scale representation of planetary moon systems, this analysis of world flags, this chart of moons by apparent size from planetary surface, and this map showing populations of landmasses.

Reflecting, one of the non-statistical posts I like the most is this criticism on people celebrating 11:11:11 11/11/11.

On 2013.11.10, I closed aatzzq, my opinion blog, and merged it into zyxyvy. Some remnants of aatzzq I kept at tyvraquetzy.

On 2014.08.09, following the footsteps of my friend phenomist, I started a Today I Learned page on zyxyvy.

I published eight of my poems to zyxyvy:

Polaris (2012.10.27)
Too Alive (2013.01.08)
Acid Tears (2013.09.28)
Momentum (2013.11.15)
The Staircase (2014.04.06)
In Search of Faded Colors (2014.04.21)
16-004 (2014.07.10)
Could’ve (2014.07.30)

The most popular page on my blog is still The Bart Map, to Scale, and the most common search term leading to my blog is still “bart map”. The search term “zeus sex” is still in the top twelve for most common search terms bringing people here, but it is bested by “sonnhard graubner”.

The day on which zyxyvy received the most views is 2013.06.03, on which there were 1331 views. In total, zyxyvy has accumulated over 71000 views, the countries contributing the most views being the United States (60089 views), Canada (1504 views), the United Kingdom (1242 views), Taiwan (896 views), Australia (694 views), India (400 views), France (246 views), Germany (238 views), Singapore (214 views), Brazil (213 views), South Korea (211 views), the Philippines (197 views), and New Zealand (179 views). Enough countries have visited my blog for one to be able to walk from Portugal to Malaysia passing through only countries that have visited zyxyvy, and zyxyvy is now just one country short (Sudan) of achieving the same for Portugal to South Africa; zyxyvy is also one country short (Panama) of achieving this for Canada to Chile, but interestingly this is a country that has actually visited aatzzq, so it is fascinating that no one from Panama has found their way here yet.

I look forward to another year, where I am hopefully not too swamped by being a student at MIT to continue posting regularly to zyxyvy. I have noticed that I’ve been posting here less frequently, mainly because of blogger’s block (maybe that’s the word?). I hope you still enjoy my musings.


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