Events Temporally Closer to the Expiration of the Random Milk Than Now

1975.01.04: Milk’s expiration minus 7229 days

1975.04.04: Microsoft is founded
1975.04.30: The Vietnam War (or Resistance War Against America) ends
1976.08.22: Luna 24 lands on the moon, the last probe to do so until Chang’e 3
1976.12.31: New West Campus Houses, often shortened to New House, opens
1978.04: FORTRAN 77 is released, which supports recursion, but not as a standard
1984.01.01: Brunei (or Brunei Darussalam) gains independence from the United Kingdom
1984.09.01: Building E15, often referred to as the Old Media Lab (or Pei Toilet), opens
1984.10.31: Indira Gandhi is assassinated
1991.12.26: The Soviet Union is dissolved
1992.01.09: Wolszczan and Frail discover the first confirmed exoplanet, PSR 1257+12 b.
1992.04.06: Isaac Asimov dies
1994.05.06: The Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France opens
1994.06.22: Julius Adams Stratton dies
1994.10.07: Building 68 opens

1994.10.20: The Random Milk expires

1994.11.13: Sweden votes to join the European Union
1994.12.15: Netscape Navigator 1.0 is released
1994.12.31: Kiribati’s Phoenix Islands and Teraina Islands move to the other side of the International Date Line
1995.06.05: Cornell and Wieman successfully isolate a Bose-Einstein condensate
1996.12.20: Carl Sagan dies
1997.05.31: The Confederation Bridge opens, linking New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
1998.09.24: Iran declares that it will “neither support nor hinder assassination operations” on Salman Rushdie
2005.09.01: Building 46, also known as BCSC (containing the Picower institute), opens
2006.03.06: Montenegro (or Crna Gora) gains independence from Serbia
2007.09.22: Clojure 1.0 is released, which emphasizes recursion in place of looping
2008.07.01: Ashdown House opens again, this time at NW35 instead of W1
2013.12.14: Chang’e 3 lands on the moon, the first probe to do so since Luna 24
2014.04.06: The War in Donbass (or War in Ukraine) begins
2014.04.07: The Heartbleed security bug in OpenSSL is announced

2014.08.05: The making of this post (the 7229th day of the milk)


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