For hours I’ve been writing code
I’m now finished with today’s load
So now I’m sweeping

I have more in life to do
And this place, cleaned through and through
And yet I’m sweeping

I’m not here to clean this place
Or because I’ve time to waste
I’m here for what’s dropped behind
Only I’m not sure I’d find
It while
I’m sweeping up the pasts I’ve never had

Had I known what more there was
Not just lines, but also fuzz
I might not’ve been sweeping the pasts I’ve never had

Yet what I sought was too much breadth
And picking something to take to depth
Leaves orphans: they’re the pasts I’ve never had

And I don’t know what’s in store
Showing what I’ve missed still more
But at least I can sweep the pasts I’ve never had

So please, let me sweep
The pasts I wish I had

The Above Ground System

Although MIT’s basement tunnel system is a truly impressive network connecting a large span of MIT’s buildings, one hears less about MIT’s extensive connections above ground. MIT’s buildings generally follow the rule of connection on the third floor, and illustrated here is the system of connections among MIT buildings (without the buildings themselves depicted) in the second floors of the main buildings and the third floors elsewhere.


I took the liberty to assign waypoints to this map, just like how the basement tunnel system has waypoints.

Notice that Building 24 is not included. I decided that since Building 24’s floor-numbering scheme falls in the main building category, it should be its second floor that would be included in the system if it connected, and since the third floor of 34 only connects to the third floor of 24 and not its second floor, Building 24 is not part of this system.


Sometimes a heartstring is broken

Sometimes someone sees a heartstring break

Sometimes a heartstring breaks and resounds
And resounds

Sometimes someone sees a broken heartstring

Sometimes someone sees a broken heartstring
But does not say

Sometimes someone sees a broken heartstring
But dares not say

Sometimes someone hears a broken heartstring resound
And resound
But does not say
And dares not say
Does not make a

Sometimes someone sees a broken heartstring
And tells the outside that in here
Is a broken heartstring
And no one hears

Sometimes a broken heartstring
Brings silence
And sometimes
Comes for too much silence

Sometimes someone seeks
The broken heartstring

Sometimes someone seeks
The broken heartstring
Because the heart has been silenced away

Sometimes one returns to the innermost heart
To discover that
A broken heartstring is holding up
A desperate bit of freedom
Over the gaping void