The MIT Campus: a Scavenger Hunt


1. A 0-indexed building (a building whose ground floor is numbered the 0th floor)
2. Two buildings connected by only the basement and the 3rd floor
3. A periodic table wider than 3 meters in width
4. A floor labelled LL that is above ground
5. A rubber duck
6. A door that opens to a drop
7. A staircase whose highest floor reached is the 0th floor
8. A dorm with both elevators and air conditioning
9. A building with a number that is the same as the course number of a department in it
10. An elevator that sometimes opens inside and sometimes opens outside
11. A Windows desktop
12. A world map that includes the USSR
13. A subbasement
14. A 13th floor
15. A dorm room with a curved wall
16. A door whose handle is a musical note
17. A door less than six feet tall
18. A toilet with no partition separating it from the toilet next to it
19. A building with no bathrooms
20. A building whose lowest floor is the 1st floor
21. A color printer
22. A tunnel connecting a building to a building with three times its building number that it doesn’t touch outside this tunnel
23. A dorm room on the 0th floor
24. Stata’s Elevator 14
25. A gigantic card reader (at least twice the size of a typical card reader)
26. A sub-sub-subbasement
27. A security camera in an underground tunnel
28. A bathroom with a shower in an academic building
29. A building that touches another building whose number is one away from its number
30. A lecture hall with over 100 seats and yet no steps among the seats
31. An elevator that goes to the 4th, 5th, and 8th floors but not the 6th and 7th floors
32. A computer named after a video game character
33. A place where Building 36 touches Building 38
34. An inside location in which one can see two doors leading to rooms with building numbers exactly 25 apart
35. A Bösendorfer piano
36. 32-G601
37. A building with a 24th floor
38. A building with three letters in its building number
39. A room that requires an ID, a code, and a biometric to access
40. LarvNet
41. A stairway spanning at least four floors without turning
42. Stata’s Elevator 15
43. The vestiges of an underground tunnel that used to exist
44. A building currently in the position of a previously existing building with a number exactly 9 less than it
45. The office of Albus Dumbledore
46. An elevator that goes to the 5th and 8th floors but not the 4th, 6th, and 7th floors
47. A lipstick stain on a wall
48. A building whose highest floor is the 0th floor

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