In Search of Faded Colors

There were many of us
Most of our blood was red
But there were some of us
For which else could be said

We knew this they don’t like
So we didn’t dare show
We knew for best of all
Only us here should know

But one day you got hurt
And from that wound you bled
And they all saw that hole
Pouring blood not quite red

They would not stand strange blood
And to exile they sent
You and your foreign veins
Thus was how a friend went

Later on they then made
An injection they said
Would replace exile
It returned blood to red

Then they found all of us
That had in us more colors
And they rescued, they said,
Us to be like the others

Yet it was very clear
They still hate us inside
The only difference now
Is our true blood denied

And then I realized
Dead I might as well be
As without the blood dyed
What was left wasn’t me

UPDATE: 2015.03.19: changed fourth word of third line.
UPDATE: 2016.01.31: changed third word of eighth line.


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