“This Is How Your Brain Works”


(You probably want to watch it before reading the rest of this post, for reasons having to do with spoilers.)

This was a very interesting video, although I would insist on noting that at least not all brains work that way, because I, for one, had several different results.

First of all, it took me longer to figure out that the woman is angry than to solve the multiplication exercise. Seeing that she’s blonde was instant, as a direct visual cue, but figuring out that the woman is angry took first noticing that her facial expression is not usual, wondering what such a facial expression is usually correlated with, and eventually noting within the category of emotions that angry seems to fit. In my mind, 19 times 26 was instantly converted to 520 minus 26, followed by a non-instant but short amount of time to perform the carry subtraction.

I’ve seen the optical illusions before, so I’m biased.

I did notice that the numbers to the side changed. In fact, because they changed, I was unsure if we were actually supposed to be mentally performing the operation on both piles. I did not notice the color changes.

I actually misheard “the bat cost ten cents more than the ball,” thus coming up with an answer of 50 cents for the ball. This is very interesting; did I actually take the unintended outcome and repipe it into the problem, or was this just a fluke mishear?

How many animals did Moses take on the ark? Zero. I actually never until revealed noticed that it said Moses instead of Noah, but Noah also took zero animals onto the ark. Until someone actually presents to me historical evidence that there was a Noah that notably took a set of animals onto the ark, I will insist that the answer is zero, because, well, it’s what looks much more convincing to be true.

I read that as an A, a 1, a 3, and a C. I then considered the possibility that the 1 and the 3 are a B in stencil.

I did envision Ann approaching a bank of money, soap, and soup.


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