State of My Trivia Knowledge

Largest Three Cities per US State: 132/150
Largest Three Cities per Canadian Province or Territory: 19/39
Largest Cities of California: 80/200
Largest Five Cities per Decade in US History: 115/115
Olympic Host Cities: 31/49 [1]

States of India: 10/28
Provinces of Indonesia: 29/34
States of Brazil: 3/27

Flags of US States: 16/50 [3]
Flags of the World
: 197/197

Elements: 117/118 [4]
Main Amino Acids: 20/20

Moons of Jupiter: 26/50
Moons of Saturn: 53/53
Moons of Uranus: 24/27
Moons of Neptune: 13/13

Fifty Brightest Stars of the Night Sky: 43/50
Brightest Stars of Constellations: 31/41 [5]

Generation I Pokémon: 51/151
Generation II Pokémon: 14/100
Generation III Pokémon: 49/135
Generation IV Pokémon: 20/107
Generation V Pokémon: 11/156
Generation VI Pokémon: 0/69 [7]

Most Mentioned Harry Potter Characters: 14/200

MIT Majors: 32/32 [8]

[1] The amount I actually know is slightly lower than listed here, as a few I got on the quiz by accident.
[2] Note the lack of a “Provinces of China” here. You probably know why.
[3] Note that the flags have state names that are on flags redacted. If it weren’t for those, then my performance would be slightly higher.
[4] Since 2012, this is the lowest percentage-wise that it has been for me since 2003, as I have never bothered to remember flerovium. Darn.
[5] Note that some constellations that have named brightest stars are not included in this quiz, for instance Libra (with brightest star Zubeneschamali).
[6] Note that I have never owned a Pokémon game (although I have played a bit of a Generation II game on someone else’s game boy), and have never read a Harry Potter book.
[7] As you can see, I am doing rather well at pretending that nothing beyond Generation IV in Pokémon exists.
[8] Note that some majors that exist at MIT are not in the quiz, like WGS (Women and Gender Studies), and of course Course 19.


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