Land Area: Russia/Earth: 11.4%
Land Area: Russia and Antarctica/Earth: 20.3%

Land Area: Sakha/Russia: 18.3%
Land Area: Nunuvut/Canada: 23.0%
Land Area: Alaska/United States: 16.1%
Land Area: Xinjiang/China: 18.7%

Human Population: China/Earth: 19.1%
Human Population: China and India/Earth: 36.4%

Human Population: Guangzhou/China: 7.8%
Human Population: Uttar Pradesh/India: 16.5%
Human Population: California/United States: 12.1%
Human Population: Jawa Barat/Indonesia: 18.1%

Human Population: New York City/New York State: 42.4%
Human Population: New York City in 1950/New York State in 1950: 53.2%Human Human Population: Chicago/Illinois: 21.1%
Human Population: Chicago in 1950/Illinois in 1950: 41.6%

Cities of Population >100000: California/United States: 23.9%

Subcountry Political Divisions of Population >50000000: India and China/Earth: 90.9%

Mass: Sun/Solar System: 99.9%

Mass: Jupiter/Planets of the Solar System: 71.2%
Mass: Gas Giants of the Solar System/Planets of the Solar System: 99.6%

Mass: Ganymede/Moons of Jupiter: 37.7%
Mass: Galilean Moons/Moons of Jupiter: >99.9%

Mass: Titan/Moons of Saturn: 95.7%
Mass: Spherical Saturnian Moons/Moons of Saturn: >99.9%

Mass: Titania/Moons of Uranus: 38.6%
Mass: Spherical Uranian Moons/Moons of Uranus: 99.8%

Mass: Triton/Moons of Neptune: 99.6%

Mass: Charon/Moons of Pluto: >99.9%


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